16 Masterpieces From Designers Who Know How to Make Us Go “Wow”

People who don’t like the status quo often become designers and create amazing things that end up leaving us speechless. Just have a look at a loaf of bread with a six-pack or a crosswalk signal button that has signage for blind people showing exactly how many lanes they have to cross and the direction of traffic. Aren’t they incredible?

Bright Side always tries to find the most inspiring and amazing things from people whose imagination is just boundless.

16. This bottled water is shaped like a dumbbell.

15. Swim fins for human beings

14. This crosswalk signal button has signage for blind people showing exactly how many lanes they have to cross and the direction of traffic.

13. These Nutella finger cookies

12. A lounge chair built into a dock

11. Fit bread

10. Drinking water from Australia

9. The bike rack at this dentist office looks like it's being squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste.

8. This ice plate helps to remove excess grease and fat from a sauce.

7. This salt-pepper shaker

6. This hot sauce pack looks like an explosive.

5. This restaurant sign is half shadows.

4. A bench that looks like a book

3. These sticky page markers create their own plot.

2. Scissors that cut cardboard and plastic perfectly

1. A travel passport cover that allows you to stitch where you've been

Bonus: Everyone can make this world a little bit brighter.

Would you like to use any of these items?

Preview photo credit amazon.com, leaderwho/ reddit
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