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20+ People Who Found a Way to Give Their Favorite Clothing Items a Second Life

All of us have our favorite pair of jeans or a T-shirt that we never want to part with. But our clothes tend to wear out over time, or they maybe they got ruined with bleach or paint. However, the heroes of our article don’t think this is a reason to throw their favorite items away. They channel their creativity and sewing skills to fix them and make them even cooler.

At Bright Side, we are also attached to some of our clothing items, and we loved the following ideas for how to prolong their service time.

“My cheap bra started ripping in the middle. And I decided to mend it.”

“My old sneakers had a huge hole so I added a little color.”

“I cut out felt hearts and sewed them over some ruined text on my hoodie.”

“These are the first pair of jeans I wore after giving birth to our son. I mended these shorts. You can call me ridiculously sentimental, but I will continue to hang on to them.”

“I splashed bleach on a new skirt and un-ruined it with some lazy daisies.”

“My first mending project on my roommate’s shorts. The tear was from the planet to the shooting star.”

If you don’t know how to mend a hole on your favorite shirt to make it look discreet, add a patch that will be visible to everyone.

An old sock can save your jeans.

“I replaced snaps with ribbon on my vintage dress, and now it’s like new.”

“Overkill? Yes. Fun to do? Also yes.”

“My favorite overalls might eventually be more crochet cotton than denim.”

“I tried to spruce up my very old sneakers. I’m happy with how they turned out.”

“I’ve never been great with color matching, I was afraid the patch was way too dark.”

“My mom’s ’80s denim jacket getting new life!”

“I wasn’t ready to pass on this boring old tee just yet.”

“I stained a hoodie while painting artwork on it, and had to improvise with some denim patches.”

“I got new overalls that ended up being too small. I thought I’d have to get rid of them. But my mom had a smart idea for how to fix them. They’re my new favorite unique thing to wear now.”

“I got hair dye on my collar. Well, mending time!”

“The belt loop ripped on my favorite pants.”

“A lotus to cover some very minor holes in a pair of shorts”

“First ripped jeans for my toddler — first patch job for me!”

“This linen shirt was abandoned with bleach stains so I’ve been embroidering ferns to cover it. It’s still a work in progress but I’m happy with how it looks so far.”

What do you usually do: mend your old items or throw them away? Tell us in the comments below.

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