20 Things That Deserve a Nobel Prize for Their Design

If your partner spends too much time in the bathroom, you can purchase a tilting toilet that makes it unbearable to sit on after 5 minutes. And a portable charger can be inserted into your shoes, so you will never forget it.

Designers keep experimenting and we at Bright Side want to share 20 things that have a unique idea in them.

1. New downward-tilting toilets are designed to become unbearable to sit on after 5 minutes to improve employee productivity.

2. “Pedestrian crossing light depicting 2 lovers, Taiwan”

3. “Neighbors turned a lawn chair into a porta-potty.”

4. “The dishwasher at my parents projects the remaining time on the floor below.”

5. “This little pin and hole in a urinal at the Amsterdam Airport”

6. “This clever open/closed sign.”

7. “These parking meters have creative shadows.”

8. A good design for a portable charger

9. “Doritos-flavored Lay’s”

10. “This flexible bollard won‘t ruin your day if you back into it with your car.”

11. “The bathroom I’m using has toilet paper holders with built-in radios in each stall.”

12. “A measuring tape/leveler/notepad with pen”

13. “A hospital sink is operated with clever knee apparatus instead of hand knobs.”

14. “The classic red checkered pattern of the tablecloth from this restaurant is made of QR codes for their menu.”

15. “The push/pull sign on the door of a glasses shop”

16. “Periodic table shelving in a university lab”

17. “The way my hotel displays the room numbers”

18. “This food truck’s propane tanks look like ketchup and mustard bottles.”

19. “The drain is right under the soap dispenser so it doesn’t stain the sink.”

20. “This genius water bottle cap that I’ve never seen before”

Which design idea seems the most genius for you? What would you invent if you had enough money?

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