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23 Home Renovations That Look Like They Came Straight Out of a Magazine

No matter how much we’d like to hide it, we all have a wall in our house that we ought to fix or stains that need a coat of paint that we always leave for “later.” Sure thing. But we all know that some people take so long to fix these things that the flaws end up becoming part of the actual design of the environment. But there are also people who not only are willing to fix their home, but also strive to take the changes to a whole new level.

Bright Side gathered 23 photos posted by users who decided to get down and dirty to fix up their homes themselves, and in some cases, they left them completely different from how they were in the beginning.

1. ’’Guest bedroom before and after’’

2. ’’Before and after of my small apartment kitchen. I don’t miss the orange.’’

3. “Tiling the front entrance the hardest way possible because the wife has Pinterest...”

4. “I converted a disastrous hall closet into a tiny home office!”

5. “I renovated a 1990s bathroom to look like a 1930s bathroom.”

6. “When a perfectly good bathroom is turned into a slightly different bathroom for thousands of dollars and 100 hours of my life.”

7. “It took about 6 months, start to finish, working only nights and weekends!”

8. “My $150 DIY bathroom makeover”

9. “My new favorite room in the house — a downstairs bathroom remodel, my first DIY bathroom!”

10. “A library shelf was built as a birthday present.”

11. “It looks nice but tiling is definitely not my favorite home renovation task.”

12. “Pantry renovation — before we had wire shelves and not the best use of space since the pantry is actually quite a bit taller than the door frame.”

13. This bathroom was renovated on a $200 budget.

14. He turned their old storage room into the laundry room of his wife’s dreams!

15. “1930s parquet flooring I restored today!”

16. “A complete amateur attempt at home renovations again”

17. These people definitely have an eye for these things.

18. “Refinished 220-year-old stairs”

19. “A bookcase door idea born after looking at the corner of my living room and thinking, ’I bet there’s a big space behind that wall.’”

20. A wall feature to hide imperfections

21. The boards are perfectly positioned at a 45° angle.

22. “Taking out my anxiety on the stairs...”

23. ’’Before and after: living and dining room.’’

What things have you repaired in your home that you’re proud of? Also, tell us about the flaws you should fix at home or the things you’d like to improve that are still on your to-do list. We can all relate to procrastinating when it comes to fixing things around the house!

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit NutritionTea / Reddit
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