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13 Things That Can Make Your Bathroom Look Messy

The first thing all of us do in the morning is head to the bathroom. But not all bathrooms are the same. Some bathrooms make us feel comfortable, so we want to stay there longer, while others make us want to leave the room immediately. And all of this can be determined by a bathroom’s decor and cleanliness.

At Bright Side, we put together a list of things that can make our bathroom look messy and ruin the atmosphere in the entire household.

Chrome corner shower caddy

Due to their low price, these shower caddies can be found in many bathrooms. But they quickly get covered with rust because the chrome coating wears off over time and the metal starts corroding. It’s best to choose a shower caddy made of glass, stainless steel, or brass. It will look expensive and stylish.

Cosmetic products and household cleaners that you keep on top of the washing machine

Try to remove all unnecessary items that you keep on top of the washing machine, and you’ll be surprised at how much cleaner your bathroom will look. Household cleaners and cosmetic products in plain view make your bathroom look cluttered. And don’t forget to clear this “island of clutter” in a timely manner.

A kitchen sponge for a soap dispenser

A sponge is definitely not the best-looking soap dispenser. Soap gets wet and soft on it, while the sponge gets so thick with soapy water that it looks more like a slimy substance. It’s okay to use a sponge when you need a quick solution, but for longer use, it’s best to buy a stylish accessory of high quality.

A lot of open shelves and other surfaces

There are so many things in the bathroom and so little space that it’s no wonder why we try to fit as many objects as possible on any surface available. But the fact is that multiple bottles and other little things are a source of visual noise and create the feeling of messiness in your bathroom. If possible, try to equip your bathroom with convenient storage places and get rid of unnecessary stuff on a regular basis.

Bathrobes hanging on the door

A bathroom is a place of high humidity, so if you keep your bathrobes hanging on the door, they’re likely to become damp, which is an ideal environment for bacteria. They also begin to emit an unpleasant smell. Bathrobes (as well as clean towels) should be kept in another part of the house.

Toilet paper stored in its packaging

Keeping your toilet paper in its packaging and leaving it in plain sight won’t make your bathroom look neat and nifty. If there is not enough storage space in your bathroom, then it’s best to remove the paper from the packaging and store it in containers, baskets, or on special racks. This will look nice and stylish.

Pieces of cloth hanging on the radiator or over a bucket

Of course, it’s necessary to let cleaning cloths and rags dry, but it’s still not the best idea to store them this way on an ongoing basis. Once dry, remove them from the radiator and store them in a separate cabinet or container.

A huge boiler on the wall

A huge boiler attached to the wall won’t help your bathroom look cozier. No doubt, this device is useful, but it definitely requires a disguise. It clutters up the space and also makes you feel like you’re in a technical room, not a bathroom. You can hide your boiler with the help of blinds, a niche, a wall cabinet, or other structures.

A yellowed or discolored radiator

An ordinary radiator painted white requires regular maintenance. Wipe it down to rid it of any dust and renew the coating from time to time because white paint acquires a yellowish tint due to high temperatures over time.

Liquid soap in its original packaging

The abundance of multicolored bottles on the sink is a source of visual noise. We recommend pouring liquids into special containers that fit the design of the bathroom. You can also pay attention to automatic soap dispensers. They are economical and look very stylish.

Loofahs hanging on the faucet

It’s best to keep your loofahs and washcloths somewhere next to the shower or bathtub. For example, hang them on hooks or put them in a plastic container and keep them on a shelf.

Long pile microfiber rugs

They look cheap and collect dirt and hair. Microfiber rugs can’t stand high temperatures, so you can’t dry them on a radiator or keep them on the heated floor. Over time, this material gets worn down, stops absorbing moisture, and doesn’t look nice in general.

Toothbrush cup

You may have noticed black spots on the handle of your toothbrush more than once. This is mold that forms at the bottom of the cup due to moisture and mucus accumulated in it.

This is why you should frequently wash and disinfect it. Besides, it leaves marks on the sink that you also need to clean. It’s not recommended to store the toothbrushes of all family members in the same cup to avoid cross-contamination.

Which things make a bathroom look messy, in your opinion? Tell us in the comments below.

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