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20 Reddit Users Shared Their Best Secrets to Make Life Easier at Home

Cooking, helping the kids with their homework, sweeping and mopping the floor, removing the dust from the furniture, fixing other small details at home... The list goes on, and all of these daily tasks may seem like an exploit on their own, let alone if you have to do them all on the same day. That’s something that is almost unbearable. Thankfully, a few Reddit users were aware of this, and thought it could prove itself useful to share some of their best tips to help you carry the load of those daily tasks. And we have to admit, we really appreciate their gesture.

Bright Side thought it was a great idea to find ways to save time on those household chores that annoy us the most. So without further ado, we’d like to present our compilation of the best tricks to make your life at home easier. Enjoy!

1. “Use a fork when grating the last bits of food to avoid possible injuries and to shred really, really, really quickly.”

2. “Use the wire from Chinese takeout containers to stop laundry detergent from dripping/leaking all over your appliances!”

3. “I used Command hooks to hang my pan lids on the inside of my cabinet door.”

4. “Use a food clip on your toothpaste.”

5. “My wife’s solution to all of her tank tops taking up too much room in her drawers.”

6. “$2 lint roller, and a few minutes on my knees. Kids bathroom is finally free of glitter.”

7. “Frisbee remote: No more lost remotes, and easy to pass to someone from across the room.”

8. “Always store a broom upright. This way the hairs won’t curl. This one is over 10 years old”

9. Every type of food on a different shelf of the fridge. Saves an awful lot of time, especially when cooking!

10. “This is how I cleaned my keyboard today.”

11. “My girlfriend came up with a crazy good microwave lifehack for multiple plates! Heats up evenly!”

12. “In Queensland, we get a lot of insects who escape the heat by getting inside via the drains. My wife had the idea to use this as a barrier. Those are stockings.”

13. “Light a candle before you shower to keep a pocket of the mirror un-fogged for hair combing, etc.”

14. “You can connect 2 Ziplock bags by flipping one inside out to make a larger one”

15. “Drilling a hole in the ceiling? This saves you from having to clean up dust!”

16. Friend sent me this pic of a sprinkler system in Nicaragua.

17. “When you don’t want to buy a smaller pan for just one recipe:”

18. “Just a quick reminder that by halving your pizzas, you can fit 2 in the oven at the same time.”

19. “How I hide my extra cables”

20. Never again will you see traces of shoe dirt when mopping!

Do you have any tips that you’d like to share with the rest of the community to make their lives easier at home? Which tip did you find to be the most useful from our list? Let us know in the comments!

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