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20 Outstanding Photographs That You Ought to See

A single photograph can sometimes evoke a storm of feelings. On other occasions, it gives a fascinating glimpse of someone or something’s life story.

We at Bright Side thought we’d share 20 of the best such photographs which we’ve found recently.

A riverside church shrouded in morning mist

A rabbit sleeping

Zakynthos Island, Greece

An elderly lady observes the arrival of Johnny Depp at a film premier

A chunk of aloe vera

Well-disciplined seagulls form ranks at the start of the day...

An arctic fox

Three degrees of curiosity

No need for a DNA test

Heavenly mountains

In this special case, you can wash black and white together

Early riser

Some things are better done together



Two bullets that collided at Gallipoli during WW1

Sky window

A baby kangaroo

Mount Assiniboine, Canada

The crystal clear shores of Papua province, Indonesia

The striking colours of a forest in autumn

A little fluffy ball of happiness

Preview photo credit DREADLOCKRAWSTA
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