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12 Illustrations That Show How Children Often Teach Us Important Life Lessons

It’s well known that parents have one very important mission in this world: to teach their children to be good people and to provide them with experiences and knowledge to help them face life on their own one day. But what happens when children, despite being so young, manage to teach us some true life lessons? We often think that just because we’re grown-ups we’ve got everything figured out, but that isn’t really the case.

Bright Side is bringing you a series of illustrations that prove how children are capable of teaching us great lessons.

1. They teach us that imagination is more valuable than material things.

2. They make everything in life seem so simple, and it actually is just that simple.

3. Sometimes we’re reminded that we’re not perfect.

4. They have the ability to see the funny side of everything, no matter what that is.

5. They show us that patience always pays off.

6. They constantly remind us how easy it can be to come back to a happy state of mind after a sad moment.

7. Anything can be turned into art — they’re true artists.

8. They teach us that spending time with your loved ones is probably the greatest gift we can ever create or receive.

9. Even though they’re young, they often teach us lessons about what empathy really means.

10. They teach us that we must be careful with everything we say (and think).

11. They also remind us that playing will always be fun.

12. They ask questions about things we may not even remember that we asked ourselves back in the day.

What important lessons have your children taught you? Which ones do you think you taught your parents at one point?

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