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16 Moms Whose Commitment Deserves a Prize

Being a mom means being the most patient and determined person in the world. Once a mother sets her mind to something, there’s virtually nothing anyone can do to stop her. But you don’t need great acts of love to see that. A mother’s determination can easily be spotted in all the small projects and things she does at work or around the house, and Reddit users have proof of it!

Bright Side browsed through all those beautiful examples of determination and care that show what the love of a mother really means, and here’s what we found. We hope all of us can learn a thing or 2 about determination from these great mothers.

1. “My mom’s favorite childhood toy with wear and tear from 44 years of love vs an almost mint condition version of the same toy I found online”

2. “We have too many plates. My mom never got a set of dishes. She prefers collecting random dishes she sees and enjoys.”

3. “My mom is using a Pringles can as a candle holder.”

4. “My mom has kept all her registration stickers on her license plate since 1984.”

5. “My friend’s mom marks everyone’s height whenever it’s their first time in her house.”

6. “This little plant pot my mom made from old coffee filters”

7. “My mom has been tracking her gas purchases since 1998...”

8. “My mom painted this outlet to match the rocks.”

9. “My mom managed to open a coconut without breaking the meat of the kernel.”

10. “My mom uses ski goggles when she cuts onions.”

11. “My mom’s ’hand-warmer’ coffee mug”

12. “My mom microwaved some birdseed to disinfect it before putting it in a beanbag and accidentally made tiny popcorn!”

13. “My girlfriend’s mom has socks for her chairs.”

14. “My mom got 50,000 points on Dr. Mario, which takes about 45 minutes and requires a lot of skill!”

15. “To commemorate your child’s progress — only the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, seventh, and eighth-grade pictures are of me. The rest are the stock photos. I’m 33 now. This is still on my mom’s wall.”

16. “My mom left a bundle of cut coriander leaves with the stem in a metal bowl full of water, and a day later, the top ones are standing up facing the window.”

What evidence of true conviction have you seen? Do you hold the same motivation that a mother does to get things done? Let us know in the comment section, and don’t forget to share this article with those who might need a little push to get things done.

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