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20 Couples Proving That Marriage Is a Laughing Contest

Marrying someone is not about spending the rest of your life with the perfect person, it’s all about this person being perfect for you. And for some of us, it means treating life with a sense of humor. Whether your wife makes Brussels sprouts covered in chocolate for your colleagues at work or your husband puts an artificial spider right near your pillow, this all makes married life an unforgettable journey, full of joy and laughter.

We at Bright Side invite you to dive into the funny stories from people whose sense of humor helped them laugh away that boring monotony from their married life.


2. “Me and our dog and my wife and our cat.”


4. “April Fools prank on my wife yesterday”

5. “It’s my husband’s colleague’s birthday tomorrow, and April Fool’s Day. I made him some prank cake pops. They are Brussels sprouts covered in chocolate.”

6. “My wife needed a model for her photography class.”

7. “Wife asked me to pick up a roll of Hanukkah wrapping paper. The criteria I was given was ‘it should be blue and white.’ Mission accomplished.”

8. “My wife freaks me out by putting Xena in the shower. Scares me EVERY TIME.”

9. “My husband was having a crappy day at work, so I hid over 30 pairs of googly eyes all over the apartment. Some of them he won’t find for a few months.”

10. “My wife’s been bugging out about replacing a cabinet handle that broke several weeks ago. I hope she’ll appreciate my effort this morning.”

11. “I asked my wife to pick up some frozen fruit at the grocery store.”

12. “I don’t know how I’m going to say this to my husband. Like dear... someone must have forgotten to close the computer last night... LOVE YOU!”


14. “I completely disregarded the fact that my wife was laughing in the other room when I told her my mouse wasn’t working. Until I turned it over...”

15. “My husband hates when there are small quantities of leftovers in the fridge. My son pranked him for April Fool’s by filling 22 containers, each with one strand of spaghetti.”


17. “I just got married, months ago my fiancée (now wife) asked me what I wanted as table decoration for our table. I said surprise me.”



20. “I pranked my wife, being inspired by a tweet I saw ages ago.”

Do you have your own personal winning prank that worked smoothly on your beloved spouse? What did you do?

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