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24 Times Parents Won the Epic Battle of Teen Door Slamming

Raising a kid is no easy task, but the teenage years prove to be the toughest challenge. They demand a level of patience that few manage to possess. And it’s even more stressful when, in the middle of an act of defiance, the teen slams their door shut to display their anger and question parental authority. But don’t worry. Someday, you and your children will laugh at the tantrums that once turned your house into a battlefield.

Fortunately, many parents and children aren’t afraid to share the radical consequences of slamming a door. That’s why Bright Side wants to share 24 stories that show how lessons are better received when they’re given with ingenuity and creativity.

  • When I was 13, I slammed my door so my parents took it off the hinges and said I could have it back when I proved I deserved one. © TheOtherOncomingStorm / Imgur

  • My sister slammed her door, but we had to wait for our dad to come home and help, so I pushed a straw through the keyhole when she got thirsty. © Automatvapen / Imgur

  • I slammed a door once. I’m not allowed to talk about what happened after. © viper1483 / Imgur

  • My parents took my doorknob off to “teach me a lesson.” © MischiefManagedd / Imgur

  • None of the doors in any of the places I’ve lived have closed properly because of my siblings and parents busting up the doors. © Harmonex / Imgur

  • I had no door for 2 years, and it was returned without a handle! © DingoesAteMyBabyGroupie / Imgur

  • Nothing beats a satisfying door slam...until your mom takes it off its hinges. © LoftyLawnChair / Reddit

  • My dad put foam along the edge of the door jam. So whenever I slammed it, it went “wiiffff, click.” © SimpleDan11 / Reddit

  • My mom wouldn’t take away the door when I slammed it. She would just stand there and supervise as I opened and closed the door in a quiet and respectful manner about 50 times. It didn’t take me long to stop slamming the door. © HolyzombieBatman / Reddit

  • We took our teen daughter’s door, then eventually, her room. She did not enjoy sleeping in the den, which was a “free area” for everyone to use — and also had no door. Taking the door pissed her off, but taking the room elicited a change in her displayed attitude. © themaryann / Reddit

  • I slammed the door so hard that the wood around the hinges shattered and my parents said, “Well, now you don’t have a door.” I had to actually pick it up and move it to “close” my door. I taught myself a lesson there. © User / Reddit.

  • A door is a privilege, not a right. © lilbluehair / Reddit

  • When my daughter was about 8 or 9, she would get upset over something and slam her door and lock herself in her bedroom and try to ignore her mother and me. I countered by turning the lock around so that the locking part faced the hall. Sure enough, she got mad one day, dashed into her room and locked herself in. “Leave me alone!” quickly changed to “Let me out!” © DistantKarma / Reddit

  • In our house, the rule was, “Use it right or lose it.” Door slammed? Off the hinges for a week. Lied? We believe nothing that comes out of your mouth for a week and seek reliable sources for all statements. We had to get creative sometimes, but the challenge made it interesting. They are amazing adults now, though we take no credit. It’s all them. © Versailles / Reddit

  • My son spent the age of 14 to 16 with no door to his room due to slamming it one too many times. Getting his door back was one of his sixteenth birthday presents. He just turned 17 and has gone a whole year with no slamming. Either lesson learned or phase passed — either way, I win! © MsAlign / Reddit

Did you see yourself in any of these stories? Did you ever slam the door shut? What happened after? Any funny teenage stories you’d like to share below? Go ahead, we’d love to read them!

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