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25+ Posts From Parents That Prove We Can’t Learn Everything From Parenting Books

While most of us depended on books about parenting and raising our kids, we never are prepared for walking alarms without a snooze button or how to drink coffee in peace. That’s why many parents today depend on social media to vent about their amusing and most unexpected moments at home.

Bright Side has a new collection of tweets that might give you a different look at parenthood.

1. Here is how to drink your coffee in peace.

2. Learning from your kid instead...

3. We don’t think this chapter is in any book at all...

4. It’s better to be strict with at least one person, even if it’s just yourself.

5. Learning that patience is more important than anything else

6. You’ll have an alarm without a snooze button.

7. A parenting style that can’t be found in books...

8. You’ll never know after this kind of comment...

9. The sense of smell is essential when you’re a parent...

10. A to-do list you won’t find in a book

11. How to let your child eat spaghetti in peace...

12. Be prepared for unexpected announcements.

13. Important things to kids are only those that will make you cook a different dish.

14. Make sure you finish a few practice tests before you have a kid.

15. Beware of sneaky personalities...

16. If something is very important, it’s better not to say anything at all...

17. Make sure you don’t misplace the object you are holding.

18. Solution: maybe always getting 2 of the same toy...

19. Weird things become normal, everyday things.

20. Here is how to make your kids come to you.

21. In the end, you’ll do it yourself...again.

22. Sometimes you just need to rely on luck.

23. So, it seems boys and girls can equally talk more than expected.

24. Here is how to see if your kid is lying.

25. A reminder that you won’t find in parenting books

26. Expect to say things you never thought about.

27. Really, really long years...

Which situation can you relate to the most? Do you have a parenting tip from your own experience that you would like to share?

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