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Children of Same-Sex Couples Might Do Better Than Those of Heterosexual Couples, Research Has Shown

The results of this new study are a heartening reminder that love and care are the essential ingredients for a child’s well-being and development — not the parents’ sexual orientation or gender identity. Researchers found that children raised by same-sex couples don’t just fare as well as their peers in heterosexual families, but in some cases, even better.

Researchers analyzed data from 16 studies conducted in countries where same-sex relationships are legal.

These studies compared the development of children raised by heterosexual parents with those brought up by lesbian and gay parents, and some studies also included the families of bisexual, queer, and transgender parents.

In some areas, families made up of sexual minorities showed better results than families with heterosexual parents.

The researchers discovered that, for the most part, family outcomes were similar between heterosexual and same-sex families. However, there were instances where same-sex families showed better outcomes in certain domains, such as child psychological adjustment and child-parent relationships.

Interestingly, sexual minority parent groups also displayed higher levels of quality in their parent-child relationships, including increased warmth, interaction, and supportive behavior when compared to heterosexual parent groups.

Studies found that parents who are sexual minorities sported significantly fewer psychological problems among their kids.

While preschool-age children raised by sexual minority parents had fewer psychological problems, as reported by the parents themselves, there was no significant difference in the psychological well-being of older, school-age children.

The conclusion

According to Dr. Rachel Farr, an expert in LGBTQ+ parent families at the University of Kentucky, the message of the study is clear. The sexual orientation and gender identity of parents are not as significant to children’s outcomes and development as the quality of parenting and family relationships.

This study further proves that a loving and supportive family is what matters most when it comes to child development, regardless of one’s parents’ sexual orientation or gender identity.

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