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Rebel Wilson Reveals Baby Royce’s Precious Face for the First Time in a Sweet Mother’s Day Post

Rebel Wilson, the talented star of Bridesmaids, recently surprised her fans with a delightful Mother’s Day update. At age 43, she took to Instagram to share an adorable glimpse of her precious daughter Royce’s face, spreading joy among her Instagram followers. It was an extra special Mother’s Day celebration for Rebel as she marked the occasion for the first time as a mother.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” Wilson wrote in a caption.

In the first captivating snapshot, Rebel and her fiancée Ramona Agruma, age 39, can be seen cozily seated together, with their giggling bundle of joy, baby Royce Lillian, adorably positioned in the center. Royce steals the spotlight at just five months old, dressed in a charming beanie, a pink cardigan, and cozy gray sweats. Ramona even wears a pink cap proudly displaying the word “mama.”

The proud moms radiate happiness, sporting warm-colored outfits.

As if that wasn’t enough to make your heart melt, the second picture in the post showcases Royce’s impressive milestone: standing on her own two feet with a bit of assistance from Wilson. The photo captures another precious moment of pure joy as the baby beams with a radiant smile, looking precious in a polka dot dress. Moments like these remind us of the wonders of family and the beauty of watching little ones grow.

Their kid is nothing but a pure love.

And in the last image, Royce Lillian captures our hearts as she lies on a cozy grey blanket nestled on a dock. To add to her charm, she dons a cute bucket hat that accentuates her adorable features. Rebel Wilson gazes at her little one with awe and affection.

The comment section is filled with love, describing Royce as a radiant soul and a true marvel. Ramona Agruma showers her with purple heart emojis while Paris Hilton joins in, wishing Rebel a happy Mother’s Day and admiring Royce’s beauty.

It’s a touching moment that highlights the immense joy Royce brings to their lives. Rebel Wilson’s heartwarming update captures the joy and love of motherhood. The adorable snapshots of Royce Lillian bring smiles and admiration, celebrating the beauty of their bond.

Preview photo credit rebelwilson / Instagram
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