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15+ Hair Transformations That Made Their Owners Shine With Happiness

Plastic surgery, tons of makeup, injections? What’s the point of these if you can simply get a new haircut and enjoy a stunning, new look?

Bright Side has collected some stylish and relevant haircuts for inspiration for you to give you a chance to refresh your look without putting it into cold storage.

1. Maxi to bob? Easy!

2. A couple of hours, and we see a totally different girl.

3. An effective way to shed 10 years:

4. What can refresh a look better than a classic pixie cut? That’s right, nothing!

5. Try a different hair color and new makeup and you won’t recognize yourself.

6. It’s high time to experiment. Who said short haircuts make you look older?

7. Curly hair needs a special approach. The result is cool, isn’t it?

8. This haircut suits almost everyone. All you need is to choose the right length.

9. Sometimes color makes all the difference.

10. An even cut makes the look more stylish.

11. Yet, sometimes a slight mess is totally welcome.

12. A new haircut is also a great way to say goodbye to unfortunate coloring.

13. Light and elegant

14. Don’t be sorry about the length, it’s time to change!

15. A drop of magic and your daring look is ready.

Bonus: Men, don’t be afraid of experimenting either!

Which example impressed you the most? Share in the comments!

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