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15+ Modern Wardrobe Items That Bring More Questions Than Comfort

Modern fashion oftentimes ends up surprising us. Sometimes it’s a pleasant amusement that goes together with admiration and a subsequent wish to rush to the store. Other times, the things that designers create look weird and incomprehensible.

Bright Side looked through several social media sites and now we know which modern things raise the most questions in people’s minds.

“Was looking for a new carpet for my apartment when suddenly...”

Cowboy boots, Frozen-themed, and a random hole. YUP SHOES!!!!

“This took a solid 30 seconds to read”

“Always choose kindness.”

Denim is eternally trendy but this...

“Found these in a thrift store!!!”

— Where is the sweater?

— These are cuts with a sweater.

— Oh, now I get it.

“I wonder if they smell like burgers.”

This flower sweatshirt looks like it has a bunch of stains.

Biodegradable sneakers — great for the environment

“Thank you to this unknown woman at the post who made my waiting in line brighter.”

Sandals? Basketball shoes? Why not both?

“My wife has had this sweater for over a decade and she still questions why they didn’t use the eagle as the V.”

Summerish-winterish sandals

“My colleague saw this today. The sock is sewn into the shoe. How is one supposed to wash it?”

“Me and my wife were roaming around a mass-market store when suddenly... My granny had the same curtains.”

Mixed feelings

“Yesterday I was at the mall waiting for my husband and I stopped in a shoe store. Found this masterpiece.”

Perhaps you have also come across weird things on the internet or in a store. Please show them to us in the comments!

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