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17 Famous Women Who Have Found Their Perfect Style and Stuck to It Ever Since

Any woman would love to wear a new outfit every day and always look different. And it seems that celebrities can do this easily. But if you study the outfits of famous women that they wear on the red carpet, you’ll be surprised to see that they are usually dressed in clothes that are of a similar style. Perhaps they found the looks that suit them well and prefer to stick with them.

At Bright Side, we decided to find out what style of clothing our favorite celebrities prefer.

Lana Del Rey: flutter sleeves

A languid voice and melancholic lyrics are Lana Del Rey’s trademark as a singer. As for her preferences in clothing, she tends to choose outfits with flutter sleeves. A flutter sleeve is a short, loose-fitting sleeve that falls in soft folds over the upper arm. One of the great things about flutter sleeves is that they are flattering on a number of body types because their width balances out the figure.

Angelina Jolie: thigh slit and one shoulder dresses

If you study the clothes that Angelina Jolie wears in public, you can see that one of her favorite styles is a long black dress with a thigh slit, revealing Angelina’s beautiful legs. She’s also fond of one shoulder dresses and tops in different colors.

Evan Rachel Wood: men’s suits

The leading star of the Westworld series said that her choice of outfits was inspired by Marlene Dietrich’s style who was known for her love of men’s suits, as well as the styles of Elvis Presley and David Bowie. Evan’s looks prove that men’s clothing on a woman is far from boring.

Anne Hathaway: halters

Anne Hathaway likes halter dresses. She’s shown up on the red carpet wearing a dress with a distinctive diagonal cut from the armpits to the neckline many times. The actress probably wants to demonstrate her graceful shoulders and a long neck with this detail.

Ariana Grande: a miniskirt and over-the-knee boots

Ariana Grande is a petite girl. She is only 5’3″. So, it’s no surprise that the singer loves to wear over-the-knee boots which make her look taller. Ariana combines these boots with a mini stage dress or a casual miniskirt.

Meghan Markle: cape dresses

Meghan Markle seems to be fond of cape dresses. This garment combines features of a cape and a dress. Megan used to wear both fitted cape dresses and wide-cut dresses during her pregnancy.

Emma Watson: cropped pants

Emma Watson proved by her own example that you don’t have to wear a luxurious evening dress to look gorgeous. Quite often, she combines ordinary cropped pants with different items of clothing. Therefore, Emma’s outfits always look different.

Anna Wintour: sheath dresses

Despite Anna Wintour’s age, even young girls can envy her figure. Therefore, the editor-in-chief of the legendary Vogue magazine can easily wear tight-fitting outfits. A sheath dress has become one of those styles in which Anna Wintour appears in public quite often.

Kate Middleton: a pussycat bow

Kate Middleton has adopted a lighter and more comfortable aesthetic, escaping from her usual glamor and diving into a new era of more accessible ensembles. Recently, she showed off her new business casual wardrobe in a purple blouse with a bow collar, often called a pussycat bow. We think that this detail freshens up any look.

Nicole Kidman: high neck and bustier dresses

Most of Nicole Kidman’s evening dresses can be divided into 2 categories: the actress wears either a tight dress with long sleeves and a high neck or a bustier dress revealing her graceful collarbone. And she looks gorgeous in both styles.

Margot Robbie: off-the-shoulder sleeves

Recently, the actress has adopted off-the-shoulder sleeves. More than once Margot appeared in public in dresses that had this element. These sleeves can be attached to the dress in the armpit area, but they still give the impression of a stand-alone piece. They make any look elegant and romantic.

Jennifer Aniston: total black

Jennifer Aniston is quite conservative in her preferences: the actress has remained faithful to black for many years. Apart from black dresses, she wears whole ensembles in dark hues on the red carpet. As a rule, it is a black blouse, jacket, skirt, or trousers. Her shoes and handbag also complement these outfits.

Blake Lively: wide legged pants

Recently, Blake Lively fell in love with pantsuits, especially those with wide legs. She looks gorgeous in them. Long wide-legged pants are most suitable for tall women, and the actress boasts a height of 5’10″. Style experts say that these pants look best on women with wide hips.

Florence Pugh: an asymmetrical hemline

Judging by Florence Pugh’s public appearances, the actress found her perfect style in dresses made of flowing fabrics, with asymmetrical hemlines. Perhaps Pugh, whose height is 5’3’’, wants to make herself look taller, and this cut of a skirt is a great solution for this. And satin fabrics make the look feel more airy.

Julia Roberts: white shirts

For more than a dozen years, Julia Roberts has chosen clothes in mostly black and white. Her main helper is a white shirt that allows her to create a variety of looks. The actress looked wonderful in it in Pretty Woman, and it seems she has made her own fashion trend with it.

Kate Winslet: illusion dresses

The actress often appears in the spotlight in tight-fitting dresses with contrasting inserts on the sides. Kate Winslet has wonderful curves, and these dresses help her to visually balance her body. They create an hourglass silhouette with inserts along the waist or make the upper torso look longer with the colored inserts in the armpit area.

Emma Stone: pointy shoulders and jumpsuits

Judging by the outfits that Emma Stone wears in public, the actress has a soft spot for clothes with wide shoulders in the spirit of the 1980s. According to style experts, a woman in clothes like these gives the impression of a confident person, and Emma is definitely one of them. Also, she likes to wear elegant jumpsuits combined with high-heeled shoes, instead of a regular evening dress.

Do you have a favorite item of clothing? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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