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7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Lipstick

Lipstick is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about makeup. Adding color to the lips can make a huge difference to the features of your face. A poorly chosen shade of lipstick can easily destroy your whole look. That’s why it’s important to choose a color that suits you.

A Russian Artist Draws Comics in Which Every Girl Can Recognize Herself

A 32-year-old artist known under the pseudonym Stushona Iva lives and works in Chelyabinsk, Russia. She loves to travel during her free time and she posts funny comics on Instagram and Facebook where she points out the difficulties modern women face. For example, there are cruel hair stylists who still can’t understand the meaning of the words, “Just a trim, please!” and many other situations with which every girl is familiar.

12 Cosmetic Products That Cause Us to Waste Our Money

Cosmetics manufacturers show us their products in the best light possible. It seems that between all the commercials and beautiful packaging, cosmetic companies play on our insecurities. Through their marketing, they convince us that the ingredients or attributes of their products are very important and necessary when it comes to our appearance. But it’s not always like that.We at Bright Side sorted out which cosmetic products are necessary from those that aren’t. Pay attention to our tips below to avoid being disappointed.

9 Things We Do Wrong With Our Skincare Routine

In pursuit of flawless and good-looking skin we set a skincare routine and try to follow it with dedication. While having only the best intentions when planning our regimen, we sometimes sabotage our skin without even knowing it. According to some dermatologists, a lot of women don't even moisturize their skin every day. Lack of moisture will not only lead to the development of more wrinkles, but it can also cause acne and flaking.

12 Everyday Ingredients That Your Skin Will Appreciate

Research shows that there are many factors that influence the condition of our skin: lack of sleep, sun exposure, stress, lack of exercise, air pollution, and sugar consumption. It’s no wonder that, in the US alone, women spend about $300,000 during their lifetime on beauty products just for their face. Here are some easy to make home remedies that will help your skin glow.

7 Tips From the Old Days to Get Rid of Acne Scars and Skin Imperfections

Statistics have shown that 95% of all people on our planet suffer from acne at some point in their lives. Acne and other skin imperfections can be provoked by dozens of various causes from your eating habits to using the wrong skin-care products. Until today, nobody has discovered the universal remedy to heal your skin once and forever. However, there are some really effective natural treatments that can help you get glowing and healthy skin without using any chemical or surgical remedies.

13 Illustrations About Guys’ Habits We Won’t Seem to Get Used To

No matter how much we love a person, they may have some annoying habits that always make us mad. And today, we're exploring some common human habits that drive us crazy!

10 Messages From People Who Are Better Off Never Using a Phone Again

Everyone can screw up on a phone like sending something to the wrong person, confusing someone's name, or just by saying something stupid. But messages can't be unsent, leaving some conversations so awkward they're impossible to forget. And if nothing else, they give us a great reason to laugh.

14 Girls Who Were Brave Enough to Get a Short Haircut and It Was a Great Decision

What do girls do when they need a change in their lives? Exactly — they go to the salon. There is no more efficient and simple way to do something new with yourself. And it’s great when the changes are as cool as the girls from our collection.

An Artist Draws Comics About Girls’ Everyday Lives, and Each of Them Scores a Bull’s Eye

Karen Nawfal is an artist from Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Last summer, she posted a picture of the future heroes (her sister and herself) for the 1st time on Instagram. Lots of things have changed in 6 months: her style, her autograph, as well as other stuff. But one thing stayed unchanged: the cuteness level that still bursts.

24 Awesome Beauty Tricks to Brush Up Your Makeup Skills

People from all over the world spend hefty sums of money in their attempts to look beautiful as quickly as possible. But what most people often forget is that it's usually the small things that count the most when it comes to looking put together. It's sometimes enough to brush or blow-dry your hair in a different way to make it look better, healthier, and stronger, for example. And some people have found such solutions for almost every kind of self-care.

14 Makeup Tricks for Lazy Girls to Look Gorgeous

Women spend 335 hours a year on their appearance. This means that girls spend 2 weeks a year purely applying makeup and grooming themselves. But this time could easily be reduced if you know a couple of secrets.

19 Pictures to Remind You That Being a Woman Is Great

Being a girl means spending hours in fitting rooms and trying to lose weight all the time...but then snacking too much. It means "wanting something" and not being sure exactly what. It's also a lot of other things that the artist Maria Medvedik draws pictures about.

22 Photos Proving That Women Are Simply Wonderful

It’s no wonder that so many poems and songs are dedicated to women and that so many reckless acts have been committed in an attempt to get a woman’s attention; women are amazing. They are kind and caring, beautiful and funny, smart and resourceful, and the list can go on endlessly. Bright Side would like to share some photos of women who show just how multifaceted a woman’s personality can be.

15 Memorable Red Carpet Dresses That Went Down in History at the Oscars

Not only is the Oscars the main award in the world of cinematography, but it is also a show of breathtaking fashion. The evening dresses that the actresses wear on the stage to accept the cherished statuette and those that just walk along the red carpet dictate trends for the coming year. Some of them become legendary and a part of fashion history. While celebrities are thinking about how to make their dresses for the next Academy Awards ceremony unforgettable, Bright Side is recalling the legendary outfits of celebrities from the history of the Oscars.

13 Texts Where Women Set Their Own Rules

According to statistics, women send 4 times more texts than men. It’s not surprising that the internet is full of funny women’s statements and phrases taken from their electronic messages. Bright Side gathered 13 texts from women that are full of playful humor, great moods, mind-blowing logic, and witty sarcasm. Let’s enjoy the compilation together!

10 Clothing Styles That It’s Better to Forget About After 40

Time flies, and not only does fashion change with it, but we do too. And with age, the clothes that make us look like a million dollars change as well. Today Bright Side decided to tell you about the clothes that might not suit every woman over 40. Look closely. You might still be wearing some of the items on this list.

8 Tips to Find the Perfect Party Dress for Your Body Shape

Women often spend hours in front of an open wardrobe looking for the perfect dress for a special occasion. Finding that one dress that will show off your figure may be very difficult to do without knowing the exact type of your figure. Worry no more! We at Bright Side found 8 different body shapes and described their features and the best dress options.

16 True-to-Life Pictures That Only Brunettes Can Relate To

Having dark hair is great. Brunettes are bright and spectacular girls, and not noticing them in a crowd can be very difficult. But sometimes dark hair can cause a lot of problems. Bright Side has gathered the most annoying problems brunettes have to deal with to show you that you are not alone.

10 Chic Nail Designs to Help You Stand Out From the Crowd

For girls, choosing a nail art design is just as difficult as deciding what to eat for dinner.