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Women Tried on 14 Pieces of Clothing That Help Them Look 2 Sizes Thinner, and They Shared Their Photos With Us

All women want their clothes to accentuate their strong features and hide their flaws. However, this is not an easy task. All the factors like style, color, and the cut of clothing should magically coincide. But the pieces of advice from the Internet often provide conflicting information. However, clothes should become your ally, showing only your best assets — as long as you know the right styling tricks.

Just for Bright Side, women decided to find out for themselves whether the fashion tricks they found online really work, and they shared the final result with the suggested outfits. Did these hacks change their body shape for the better? It’s up to you to decide which of these life hacks really work and which ones are just nonsense. Let’s begin!

1. Clothes with V-necks lengthen the top of the silhouette and make the body look slimmer. The open décolleté area attracts attention and distracts from the rest of the body.

2. Contrast panel dresses make the body visually narrower and help you look at least one size thinner. Additionally, they’re great for accentuating your curves.

There are 2 options there. Choose a dress with dark sides that make the body thinner or a dress with a dark center that distracts attention from the sides.

3. To look thinner, you should choose clothes of the same color. In this case, the lower and upper part of the body will form a vertical line that will make the silhouette look slimmer.

For a maximum effect, choose dark and neutral colors like black, dark blue, brown, beige, gray, and burgundy.

4. An unbuttoned or carelessly belted cardigan or a mid-length raincoat will create a vertical line, elongating the figure and making you visually taller.

5. The perfect hourglass silhouette can be easily created with a wide midi-skirt and a tight-fitting top. The skirt will hide the hips and highlight the waist while a tight-fitting top will accentuate the chest and the neck.

6. Be careful with vertical stripes on your clothes. Wide lines add volume to the body and make it look heavier. It’s better to choose a narrow pattern with small details.

7. Wrap dresses create diagonal free folds and asymmetry that help you look more elegant. High-waisted dresses hide the belly and balance out wide hips.

8. If you choose a blazer of a larger size, you won’t have to worry about carrying extra weight because it hides everything perfectly.

But keep in mind, the rest of the elements in your outfit should be of a straight or a tight-fit cut. Otherwise, the body will seem bigger than it actually is because of the overuse of oversized clothes.

9. A tucked-in shirt makes the body look thinner. But a T-shirt or a blouse that is worn untucked makes you appear shorter and distorts your body proportions.

10. 3/4 sleeves attract attention to the wrists. And since it’s the thinnest part of an arm, it makes the whole body look slimmer.

11. Long blazers and jackets cover most of the body, hiding imperfections on the waist and hips.

This trick can also be used by petite girls without running the risk of losing a couple of inches. They just have to combine the jacket with shorts or a mini-skirt.

12. Tights that match the color of your shoes make your legs appear longer. It works with any shade because the shoes become somewhat of an extension for the legs.

Black matte tights, when they’re stretched in the center, become more transparent in that area than on the sides. These dark lines visually make the legs slimmer.

13. High-rise jeans and pants make your legs look longer. And it doesn’t matter whether you chose a lose or tight-fit style.

14. A high-waist or a mid-length pencil skirt can improve body proportions. It helps emphasize the thin part of the legs and visibly hides the stomach.

What tricks from this list would you try out yourself?

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