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5 Places That You Overlook When You Apply Sunscreen

Summer is right around the corner, and we’re anxiously waiting for the everyday 86ºF. We apply sunscreen on our arms, backs, necks, and faces, yet there are some spots that crave the same protection, and if they don’t get their portion of sunscreen, you’re in for a painful surprise. The following spots are often neglected when it comes to sunscreen, but they’re actually parts you should take care of first.

Bright Side is on a mission to save you from the side effects of sun exposure. After all, forewarned is forearmed.

1. Hair

It may seem like your scalp doesn’t need any additional protection because there’s hair covering it. However, the sun can easily cause scalp damage, and things get even worse when you take a swim in the ocean or the pool. Your hair gets dried out because of the effects of any chlorine and salt.
Plus, your hair color can get messed up due to the sun’s rays.

2. Lips

It’s better not to neglect this part of your body, as prolonged sun exposure leads to numerous ramifications. Your lower lip has a higher chance of being affected. Also keep in mind that lip discoloration is another result of sun damage.

3. Feet

Not only should you apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet but to the soles as well. If you sunbathe while laying on your belly, the bottoms of your feet are exposed to the sun. The skin there is sensitive and burns really quickly. And it’s worth noting that people with darker skin are prone to melanoma, which usually appears at the bottoms of the feet.

4. Eyes

The under-eye area is prone to darkening and redness, so it’s essential to take care of this spot too. The sun’s rays can deepen your wrinkles. You squint when it’s bright, so you get crow’s feet. Additionally, as this area is sensitive, it’s the first one to age prematurely.

5. Ears

You should consider protecting your ears as well, especially if your hair is pulled back. This area is also at high risk for malignancies. It can even appear in the middle part of your ear, although it’s a relatively protected area.

Where do you apply your sunscreen? How often are you exposed to the sun?

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