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5 Home Interior Details That Can Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

Many people are used to judging others by their looks and drawing superficial conclusions based on their external features. But Sherlock Holmes himself would envy some of the methods these people use to figure things out. And they would certainly agree with the opinion that a home reflects the personality of its owner.

We at Bright Side believe that it’s always useful to get to know people using different methods. Today, we will try to figure out how the interior of an apartment can reveal the views and personality quirks of the person who lives in it.

1. Plants

The houseplants you choose can say a lot about you. For example, the lovers of tropical plants, like aloe vera or peace lilies, are often calm and flexible, as these plants are thought to help reduce stress. Those who prefer succulents are usually very independent. And orchid growers prefer to only be close with a small circle of people.

2. Kitchen and bathroom

The quantity and quality of your kitchen utensils and food reveals how welcoming you are. It also indicates whether you like to eat in the company of people or whether you prefer a solitary meal. Having a refrigerator overfilled with food is common among impulsive and cheerful people. And if there is a lot of attention to detail in your bathroom, this can suggest that you prefer order to ambiguity.

3. Bedroom

The color of bedding you like indicates certain traits about your personality. For example, energetic people prefer shades of red, as well as striped prints that are traditionally considered a symbol of rebellion. Energetic fun-loving people prefer polka dot quilts and pillows, while confident spirits choose bedding with animal prints. But adherence to geometric patterns suggests that you get nervous often.

Perfect order in the bedroom will reveal that you love to carefully plan everything. If there are too many unnecessary things in the room where you sleep, you are likely to be a person who always likes to keep items in excess and for much longer than you need to. The family bedroom, equipped with various electronic devices, is often found in the houses of people who hide their emotions deep inside and avoid real communication.

4. Furniture arrangement

When guests come into your house, they surely pay attention to how the sofas and armchairs are arranged in the living room. If the arrangement of upholstered furniture allows people to communicate comfortably, it means you’re a very social person and the soul of the group.

5. Order and mess

An abundance of wall and desk calendars, as well as strictly organized books and other objects, can be found in the home of a person who tries their best to be organized and punctual.

But if your sock drawer is a mess, don’t rush to make excuses and apologize. You may be very attentive to details when it comes to more serious matters. An overfilled wardrobe, where you can find things that you haven’t worn for a long time, indicates a reluctance to part with the past.

Have you noticed a connection between the atmosphere of the home and the personality of the person living in it?

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