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15 Couples Whose Sense of Humor Can Shatter Any Records

It’s wonderful if you were lucky enough to meet your soulmate, but it’s even better if you both have the same sense of humor. What can be better than a partner who can make you laugh in any situation, even if it’s really serious? Couples like these usually don’t fight for long and can resolve conflicts through playful banter.

Bright Side offers you to take a look at funny and emotional moments from the lives of people who prove that there’s no place for boredom in relationships.

“My wife’s face on our wedding day compared to the day when she met Rob Lowe.”

The story took an unexpected turn: internet users found a photo of Rob and his wife and compared it to the photo above.

“My wife gave me this book with this photo inside.”

“On our first date, I jokingly told my boyfriend I loved Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park so much, I wished I had a giant painting of him. 4 months later on my birthday, he gave me this painting.”

Me: “Are you mad at me?”

Her: “No, I even left you some pizza.”

“Took a picture of my wife running to get out of the baby’s picture.”

When your girlfriend is your best friend:

“I didnt want a cat but my wife did. So we compromised and got a cat. Best. Compromise. Ever.”

“Every night, my wife wakes up to breastfeed my son, she asks for the same delicacy. Behold, peanut butter apples at 3:00 AM.”

“Took this photo of my girlfriend and our cat.”

Parents like these make growing up so much fun:

“Let’s get married in a bounce house!” she said.

“I just asked my girlfriend to marry me at 55 ft below the sea.”

“Heard my boyfriend giggling to himself in the bathroom last night and I woke up to a lint roller refill.”

“For Valentine’s day, my girlfriend ordered an illustration of us and our cat.”

“My girlfriend gave me this.”

Do you know any examples of happy couples with an impeccable sense of humor? Share your stories and photos with us in the comments!

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