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16 Photos Proving That True Love Has No Expiration Date

Maybe it’s silly to believe in eternal love in the modern world. But it’s totally okay to hope that it exists, especially after watching a really moving film. More than that, there are so many people who have managed to find the love of their lives.

Bright Side has found 16 photos on the internet that will make you believe in true love, if you still don’t.

1. “I’ve looked at him the same way since 1975.”

2. “After being divorced for 25+ years, my parents reconnected, moved to Texas, and bought a farm. Today they are getting married again. This is their wedding portrait.”

3. “My nanny and papa in 1935 and again in 1999. A love that lasted a lifetime.”

4. “For our one year anniversary that recently passed I got us one of her favorite pictures of us filled with the all the memories from year one.”

5. “Apparently my wife and I were always meant to be.”

6. “A few weeks ago my husband and I went to a Harry Potter charity event as Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.”

7. This is so sweet.

8. “My parents, one hour after they met in 1981. They were engaged within the next 24 hours. Still together.”

9. “Visited my dad at work. Found this in his office, from 1973.”

10. “My parents after their wedding in 1977. Also them a few months ago during their 40th year of being married.”

11. “15 years old to 21 years old. Same concept, completely different question.”

12. This couple recreated their wedding photo on their 70th anniversary.

13. “40 years later — and that’s my original high-school jean jacket”

14. They proposed to each other at the same time.

15. “First photo of us, and 6 years later...”

16. “I cannot be away from her. She is the best woman in the world.”

Over the course of 68 years of marriage, Tom and Arnisteen Clark have rarely spent a night separated from each other. And when Arnisteen had to go into the hospital, Tom was devastated. Even though this hospital doesn’t provide rooms for 2 people, the staff arranged a sleeping place for Tom, so they could be together.

Do you believe in love in the same way that poets believed in it or do you think that today it’s more of a myth than a reality? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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