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14 Things for a Paradise Picnic From Amazon

With the warmth of summer upon us, it is worth taking advantage of every opportunity to spend time outdoors. We all really need this because nature has an inimitable effect on our brains. It improves our health and our cognitive abilities. Whether it’s in a city park or in the countryside, a picnic is an easy way to boost our mood.

We at Bright Side made sure that this pastime will not only be fun and relaxing but also super comfortable. Get inspired by our Amazon shopping list and have yourself an outdoor picnic!

1. Portable camping fire pit to warm up anywhere

2. Magic flame creates a colorful and bright flame for a campfire

3. This inflatable bed will provide a comfortable place to rest anywhere you go

4. Portable inflatable lounger for reading and relaxing

5. Hanging tent-hammock, it’s a shelter that is always with you

6. Compact camping chair, so you can sit comfortably wherever you are

7. A backpack that holds everything you need for a good picnic

8. Bubble awning for a glamorous camping trip, picnic, or even vacation

9. Mandala blanket you can use to relax in the fresh air

10. Basket for a stylish retro picnic

11. Thermal bag to keep food warm in any weather

12. Paper trays for food so you can do without heavy dishes

13. “The Picnic Cookbook” with ideas for a delicious al fresco lunch

14. Cookware set with portable campfire for freshly prepared picnic food

What’s your favorite picnic spot? And what would you take with you from this list?

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