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5 Ways to Lull Your Baby Quickly

Sleep is a real luxury for parents of newborns. However, studies show that adults can influence the infant and help the baby sleep soundly. Little children seem unpredictable, but awareness will help us deal with possible surprises!

Here at Bright Side, we have compiled several methods that have been shown to be effective in improving infant sleep. All children are different, but we believe that you will find a way that works for your little one and will finally be able to get enough sleep!

1. Swaddling to relax and reduce the risk of spontaneous awakenings.

The practice of swaddling has been tried and tested for years and, according to research, actually improves infant sleep. Wrap the baby in a thin cloth or a special cocoon so that they do not interfere with their own hands. You can then hug or gently pat their arms and legs with your hands to release the reflex contraction and relax your baby.

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2. White noise in the background for a familiar atmosphere.

Some children fall asleep to the sound of a vacuum cleaner better than to their mother’s lullaby! The monotonous background sound reminds babies of the sounds of the womb and has a calming effect on them. Few decide to vacuum all night, but fortunately, you can use devices that reproduce white noise. It cancels out ambient noises and helps your baby fall asleep easier and not be frightened by sudden sounds.

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3. Tactile touches that create a sense of security and relax the baby.

The touch of parents is incredibly important for the development of the baby. And at the same time, they are able to relax and immerse the child in a dream. Strokes on the back, gentle rhythmic pats along the body for a couple of minutes — and voila, the eyes are already sticking together. Try also stroking the bridge of the baby’s nose with your finger from the bottom up. There is a high probability that the baby will fall asleep in front of your eyes very quickly!

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4. Rocking and smooth movements to facilitate the transition from wakefulness to sleep.

Vestibular stimulation really helps the brain fall asleep! And not only for babies but also for adults. You probably know about babies who fall asleep perfectly in the car and refuse to do so in the crib. Use the gentle rocking of the cradle and stroller, or walk around the room a little with your baby to help them drift off to sleep.

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5. Try a few more different sleep conditioning rituals to see what works.

A ventilated room with a sufficient level of humidity, a comfortable bed that is used only for sleeping and never for playing — all this can also signal the baby that it’s time to fall asleep. Try putting your baby close to you so he can listen to your rhythmic breathing and change the softness of the bed to find out what suits your child.

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Do you have a special way that your baby falls asleep? Share it with us and other parents!

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