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8 Pet Supplies That Will Make Pet Owners’ Lives Easier

As pet owners, we all want our furry friends to be happy and healthy. However, taking care of them can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Between feeding, walking, grooming, and cleaning up after them, it can be challenging to balance our busy lives with the needs of our pets. Fortunately, there are many innovative pet supplies available that can make our lives easier and more enjoyable while keeping our pets safe and healthy.

1. Picking up litter is not an overwhelming chore anymore. With this scooper, your cat’s tray will be clean in seconds.

Cleaning and collecting are integrated for simple, one-handed usage with this 2-in-one scooper and holder design. Also, you’ll have plenty of supplies for everyday cleaning with the 135 litter bags that are provided. A poop bag dispenser has the added benefit of being portable. The highest-grade PP material was used to create this strong yet lightweight scooper.

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Promising review: Great product, and great to have the bag dispenser. Use a lot and does not waste litter. @Good B.

2. Separation anxiety is not unique to humans. With this camera, you can check on what your furry friend is doing during the day and make them feel a little better by giving them treats, even when you are not at home.

With its full HD camera and 360-degree rotating view, you can easily monitor your home day and night. Realtime 2-way audio and color night vision allow you to hear and speak with family members and pets at home, even in low light conditions. The adjustable treat tossing feature is a fun way to reward or distract your pets from their separation anxiety symptoms.

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Promising review: Fantastic product! I am so pleased with it — it exceeded all expectations. Easy set up, get a wide angle picture, 2 people can be set up to watch, can talk to the dogs, and they love getting the treats! Husband was initially skeptical, but he loves it now!
It’s great to be able to see what the puppies are up to. Highly recommend. @Cricut Basic Collection Colour Inks

3. Just like you, long walks make pets thirsty, and now they have their own water bottle.

This bottle is quick and easy to use. It has a one-key open/lock feature for one-handed operation, making it easy to give water to your pets. With a 12 oz. capacity, this bottle provides fresh water to your thirsty pets whenever and wherever you need it. Made with high-quality materials, it’s FDA-approved, and you can avoid wasting any water your pet leaves in the bowl by draining it back into the bottle.

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Promising review: Easy to use. I bought the smaller size. No leakage.
Move the button across and push the round button, and the water will start to fill up the cup. Hold the button in again, and any water not used will go back into the bottle. I bought 2 of these, one for the house and one for the car. @Truffles

4. Sometimes, our pets create little messes. Most of the time, they get excited while drinking water. This water bowl will prevent spills, so you do not have to get the mop 5–6 times a day.

The floating disk and anti-slip base prevent splashing and overflowing. It also helps prevent dust, dirt, and pet hair from falling into the water. The easy-to-clean design allows you to take apart the floating disk for a quick rinse or to put it on the upper rack of your dishwasher. It slows your pet’s drinking and helps avoid vomiting and gulping.

Need more options? Do not worry, we’ve got more.

Promising review: I love this! I was really skeptical, as my big dog liked to punch the water bowl when it was empty, but he’s now stopped! He drinks really nicely now, and I don’t have to mop the floor every 30 minutes!
I thought it might take a bit for my dogs to get used to using it, but they didn’t even hesitate! I absolutely love it, and I’m so happy this product exists. A massive thank you! I no longer have to change socks when I walk into the kitchen. @G Milje

5. If your furry friend eats too fast, and you worry that they might choke, this slow feeder will ensure your little friend is safe.

This slow feeder is environmentally friendly and BPA-free since it is created from natural, renewable resources. To avoid slippage, a non-slip rubber lining is supplied. The puzzle feeder’s design encourages leisurely eating, lowers the possibility of health issues like overeating, and stimulates the mind. The interactive bowl can be used as a food or water bowl for animals of various sizes and is dishwasher-safe for simple cleanup.

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Promising review: My dog loves this because she can see all her food spread out and eat them in the order she wants. She wasn’t a fast eater, but she was picky if everything was mixed together. Ideal for my Jack Russell and fine on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Also, it is not made of plastic — it’s made of bamboo, which is good for the environment. @Shazyiw

6. Say goodbye to fur all over your clothes and hello to a glove that will make your pet look like a hair model.

The grooming mitt features 260 flexible silicone tips that gently detangle fur and dirt while stimulating your pet’s skin and distributing natural oils for a shiny coat. The breathable mesh and elastic spandex fabric fit most hand sizes comfortably, and the double-stitched wrist ensures long-lasting durability.

Promising review: I have always struggled to groom my 2 cats, both of which are nervous and not keen to being handled. These gloves make grooming easy, and both cats purr all the time. Only content with short sessions, but done every day, we are saving on a lot of hoovering! @Katy

7. Give your pets the spa treatment they deserve with this bath brush — or as they call it, the paw-fect shower experience.

This bath brush lets you brush and rinse your furry friend simultaneously, making bathing faster and easier. The brush features an ergonomic design that fits securely on either hand, with an on/off button that is conveniently located in the palm of your hand for easy operation. It’s also made of 100% FDA-grade silicone, strong enough to tackle even the thickest fur yet gentle on your pet’s sensitive areas.

Promising review: My dog doesn’t like to take baths at all. But with Aquapaw, it gets much easier, and he doesn’t have a problem with the hose anymore! It’s amazing! @Amazon Customer

8. With this pet hair remover, you won’t have to collect your furry friend’s hair every time you do laundry.

Its design ensures that even the toughest pet hair can be removed, saving time and effort during laundry routines. The only thing you need to do is throw it into the washing machine. The product is safe and hypoallergenic for all types of fabrics, including kids’ clothing. It’s also reusable and self-cleaning, eliminating the need for rewashing.

Promising review: They are quite good. I put them in the washing machine and then transfer them to the tumble dryer if I am drying the clothes. Make sure to clean them after each cycle. Easy to clean, just rinse them off. @Mrs J.

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