5 Ingenious Products From Amazon That Pet Owners Swear By

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Just like us, our pets have different personalities, problems, and needs. Luckily, pet product designers work hard to meet all those needs and make the lives of our furry friends happier and more enjoyable. From special bowls for fast-eating dogs to interactive toys for active cats, Amazon can offer an avalanche of items for your pets that you can buy right now.

We at Bright Side got a burning desire to add all of these wonderful items to our shopping carts and spoil our pets, because these offers are too good to miss.

1. Dog feeder for slow eating

This bowl is designed to promote healthy eating in dogs who tend to be fast eaters. Its special puzzle design simply doesn’t let your dog eat fast, preventing choking and vomiting, and turns feeding into fun for your beloved pooch. Slower eating, in turn, can prevent your pet from overeating. With this feeder, a meal will turn into a challenge, arousing your dog’s interest and developing its intellectual potential.

This bowl also has a non-skid rubber base, which keeps the bowl in place while the dog is eating. The bowl is recommended for small and medium dogs and puppies, and, according to customer reviews, many pups have already enjoyed a new feeding experience with this bowl.

Customer review:

Dog has gone from finishing food within 30 seconds to over 4 minutes with this bowl.

I own a Black Labrador who’s only mission in life is to eat anything and everything whether it’s edible or not! Ever since she was born, she has polished her meals off in lightning speed. A bowl of food in her normal bowl won’t last more than 30 seconds. So I’d been looking for a slow feeder bowl for a while, but never decided to buy.

She now takes over 4 minutes to eat her food, which is a miracle and surely better for her. When eating, her tail is wagging, so she’s obviously still enjoying her food and the challenge of getting every last bit out. @C_Wxm

Get it from Amazon here.

2. Self cleaning grooming brush for dogs and cats

Do you have troubles brushing your pet’s fur and loosening all those tangles and knots? If your answer is “yes” then this brush can be a good solution. With the help of this grooming tool, you can help your pet get rid of “dead” fur and knots.

This brush has rounded tips, so it won’t scratch your pet’s skin. And after you’ve finished brushing your cat’s or dog’s fur, you just need to push the blue button to clean all the fur from the brush.

Customer review:

A quiet and effective tool for my poodle cross.

I have a Labradoodle, but she’s three quarters poodle, and needs to be groomed by the same methods. She’s very wary of noisy equipment, so I’ve had to get her used to grooming tools slowly, and the slicker is something which she is now fairly comfortable with me using on her, even though it pulls, and sometimes she notices.

It’s easy to handle, a good shape and size for avoiding tugging at a small area and hurting her, and, once I’ve got a grooming system going, with her coat a bit shorter, and less time-consuming, she’ll look all the better for it. @Chrisd

Get it from Amazon here.

3. Interactive fish cat toy

What cat doesn’t dream of catching a really big fish? If your furry kitty is one of them, they will certainly like this gift. This toy simulates fish hunt in several ways. Firstly, it has a realistic 3D print that makes it look like a real fish. Secondly, it swings and makes sounds, making your cat want to catch this fish right away and encouraging your pet to bite and kick the “prey.”

The toy recharges with the help of a USB cable, and it comes with a small bag of catnip to make your pet’s playing experience even more enjoyable. The catnip bag and the motor are detachable, which makes it easy to clean the toy.

Customer review:

My cat’s favorite toy

We’ve had it for about 6 weeks, and it’s working great. The cat was scared of it at first, but now plays with it a lot! Much more often than she uses any of our other cat toys that are supposed to be for self-directed play. We have to charge it frequently because she wrestles it for long periods at a time. Charging the built-in battery via USB is very convenient. Hopefully it won’t wear out any time soon. The mechanism seems quite durable, but I try not to throw it around just in case. The only downside is that the motor is quite loud, and when it’s flopping on a hard surface you can sometimes hear the banging through walls and ceilings (I wonder what the neighbors think it is!) @Matt

Get it from Amazon here.

4. Telescopic dog car ramp

Transporting your dog in the car can be pretty challenging, especially if your dog is heavy, senior, or has poor mobility. Luckily, there is a solution for easy and safe dog transportation.

This car ramp can easily be extended to the desired length to meet your needs, and it glides open in mere seconds. The item is lightweight, but strong enough to be used by heavy dogs. The non slip surface of the ramp will make your dog feel safe and secure even in rainy weather.

Customer review:

Lightweight but solid ramp, easy to use

The ramp arrived quickly and is surprisingly light. It feels really sturdy and solid. We have an older dog with joint issues and a younger large retriever who likes to play in mud and before the ramp arrived we would lift him into our car and then find ourselves covered in mud also! It’s easy to use, simply unclip the safety clip and guide the extender down to floor level. We noticed it has rubber stoppers on each corner, these seem to add extra stability.

It took some brief training to get our dogs to use the ramp, as usual treats did the trick, and now they associate the ramp with going out for a walk, so they are happy to use it. @Steven M. Chorley

Get it from Amazon here.

5. Dog tracker with activity monitoring

Losing a pet is a nightmare for any pet owner, and we are glad that modern design and technologies can offer some reliable solutions to keep track of our dogs.

This dog tracker fits most collars and harnesses and is waterproof and shock-resistant. The tracker comes with a mobile App that lets you track your dog’s whereabouts and activities in the live mode. The device also allows creating a “virtual fence.” Just mark the safe zone your pet should stay within and places your dog should avoid (a field next to a road, for example), and the system will warn you when your pet is out of the safe zone.

Customer review:

Peace of mind

I bought this as a Christmas present for my whippet. Although she is very well-behaved and does not run off, there is always that “what if moment,” has someone taken her, is she trapped somewhere? So I did lots of research and this new tracker offered what I was searching for. Easy to set up, including the subscription and App. The device is easy to use and pleased it’s fully waterproof. I have tested it, and it’s doing everything it should. The battery is lasting around 3 days, would like longer, but it does have to do a lot and does not take long to charge. I like the activity part on the App too. Also, another bonus is that the App tells me which direction to follow to the tracker. Great for those of us who may not be map savvy! I am very happy with the tracker and would suggest getting one if you would like to feel more confident when walking your dog. @grace

Get it from Amazon here.

Would you like to buy any of these products for your beloved pet right now?

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