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20 Smart Life Hacks That May Simplify Your Life

Small tricks in different spheres of life may help us save time and money, avoid embarrassing situations, or properly organize the space. Every life hack is a good way to find a creative solution to a common problem with the help of ordinary things.

We at Bright Side are constantly surprised by the ingenuity of Internet users who come up with some new ideas every day to make their lives easier. These simple tricks will probably come in handy for you too.

“Just use a fork to quickly grate something small.”

“The zipper on my jeans always becomes undone at the most inappropriate moments. To avoid this embarrassment, I simply attached a key ring to the zipper pull.”

“When you’re visiting somewhere and everyone has similar chargers, find stickers or washi tape to identify which ones are yours.”

A simple way to avoid buying unnecessary items at the store

“I hate to clean the stove. Our family is big, everyone makes it dirty, and I have to wash it. But I found the perfect solution.”

“I just cover the surface with foil and change it as it gets dirty. We have a gas stove, of course.”

“To save space in a closet, put soda can tabs on the hangers and hang them on each other. I also use this trick to keep my suit jacket and pants together.”

How to cook quickly and with pleasure

Use food clips to squeeze out the rest of the toothpaste.

You can become more literate without cramming.

“We got tired of making temporary markers for our rows, so my wife and I painted some bricks as not to forget what was planted and where.”

“If your wheelie chair gets stuck on the carpet, get a pack of laminate floorboards. They’re affordable, easy to lock together, and allow the perfect chair movement.”

This person is prepared to combat summertime insects.

“Use a hair clip to keep headphones from slipping while you, for example, do gardening or mop the floor. It sounds kind of stupid, but it works!”

How to share sweets with the kids without them crying and feeling hurt:

“If you put a pen spring on a charger, it’ll prevent bending at its foundation.”

“If you own a wooden chopping board, don’t forget to generously oil it down a couple of times a year. This way, it’ll last longer.”

A simple way to make your clothes smell nice

“In order not to constantly look for the cord from the charger on the floor, I attached a clothespin to the table and the wire is always on hand now.”

A life hack for not-so-neat berry lovers

“I had 5 free sample paints and hated to see them go to waste. I decided to renovate my bathroom. I used a paintbrush, an old sponge, and a laser leveler.”

What household life hacks do you use? Share them with us in the comments.

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