12 Illustrations That Show How Dogs Change as They Grow Older (and Cuter)

Few bonds can be as endearing as the ones we create with our dogs, especially when we have the opportunity to watch them grow from puppyhood into adulthood as part of our family. However, there are some things that never change, like the fact that they will always want to get cuddles and maybe also leave a little bit of hair on our clothes, but that’s okay because we love them.

Bright Side wants to invite you to take a nostalgic trip to the past to remember how our interactions with our best friends change as the years go by and to remember that every stage is worth enjoying.

1. When they are young it is better to detach yourself from material goods or you’ll suffer a lot of pain!

2. Going out and leaving them alone is no longer a concern after a while.

3. As time goes by, taking them out for a walk becomes more peaceful.

4. We start breaking the rules and boundaries we set, but it doesn’t matter, we’re happy to.

5. Sometimes, introducing a new family member can be complicated. Other times, it’s easier than we thought.

6. There are even dogs that don’t notice how the years go by and who still act like big puppies.

7. At first, understanding each other can be a challenge, but over time it becomes second nature.

8. When they are small we can’t wait for them to grow up, but when they grow up we miss all the energy they had as puppies.

9. It’s easy to forget how shy they looked the day they arrived.

10. Without realizing it, coming home becomes more and more enjoyable.

11. Having a dog at home can be very different at the beginning.

12. But there are some things that never change, like unconditional friendship.

What was the arrival of your pet like at home? What was the funniest moment you have shared with your dog or cat?

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