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15+ Animals Whose Eyes Speak Louder Than a Thousand Words

Just like humans, animals can convey a lot through their eyes. Whether it’s joy or sadness, one look into our pets’ eyes can either make or break our day. And if we notice a pinch of sorrow in them, we will do our best to bring back that happy-go-lucky look.

We at Bright Side wonder when you last looked into an animal’s eyes and read a message in them. Today, you have the opportunity to do so in order to feel the best vibes from these angels. The bonus at the end of the compilation will prove that you can understand a lot from looking into a frog’s eyes as well.

We all know who didn’t want to visit the dentist...

“The only room in my house he is not allowed to enter”

“My sweet Beauceron pup”

“Thank you for saving me, human!”

“Just adopted this dude. His name is Tucker and he’s a good boy.”

“It was Otis’ birthday and he couldn’t believe he got a cake all to himself.”

“Can I get on your lap please?”

“Rats can be cute too! Here’s Porcini, a 4-month-old female fancy rat.”

That smile is infectious, isn’t it?

“My pup doing a morning stare”

“I got her from death row and since then, she’s saved my life every day.”

“Just got home from school...”

“The look he gives me when I tell him it’s bath time”

“Excuse me? Are you going to be on that laptop all day?”

“The cutest boy trying to convince me not to go to work”

Monday hugs, everyday hugs...

“Look at this well-behaved flyer on the plane!”

When your eyes literally radiate love:

Bonus: "What do you mean, I’m occupying your windshield?

What did you feel when looking at these animals? Do you have a close-up photo of your pet that can warm our hearts? Please share it in the comments!

Preview photo credit magellan1988 / reddit