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15 Pets Who Are Even More Expressive Than Some Humans

Some people have a knack for taking amazing photos, and it still is a challenge to reveal all their secrets. Lighting, angles, and composition are only half of what’s required to get an awesome shot. The most important thing is to feel in your bones that something’s going to happen. That’s how these 15 people managed to capture cool moments with their 4-legged friends.

1. “He’s trying to say something in Italian.”

2. “My dog is in the middle of an existential crisis.”

3. “When you’re on a diet”

4. “I know what you did last summer.”

5. “Why do you embarrass me human.”

6. “My cat caught a lizard and had no idea how to proceed.”

7. “Imagine trying to poop in peace and you look down to see this.”

8. “My girlfriend’s cat has never seen a Christmas tree before.”

9. “My sister taught her good boys to ’hug’ before they get treats.”

10. “Caught my cat sunbathing today.”

11. “How you look when someone unexpectedly takes your pic.”

12. “I shall sing you the song of my people.”

13. “The look of sheer terror after being introduced to socks”

14. “Taita’s reaction when I said he was going on a diet”

15. “My mom got her dog a sweater. When I asked why it was pink, she said, ’He’s very secure with his masculinity.’”

What hilarious things have your pets done? What do they always do when you aren’t looking?

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