17 Fluffy Little Cuties That Became Huge Beauties

When we get a little fluffy cutie, we can’t stop admiring it and hold it in our arms. But as time passes, we notice that it becomes harder to lift the pet from the floor, and when it jumps at us, it’s really hard to keep standing.

At Bright Side, we believe that our pets continue to be our little cuties even when they are big adult animals.

1. “Nad growing up...”

2. “This stomping hooligan has grown up for 9 months.”

3. This beautiful fluffy cloud grew up so much within 8 months.

4. When you grow up, but your place doesn’t.

5. “Thor, then and now.”

6. “I’m terror, I’m darkness, I’m a speck of dust from under the couch.”

8 months apart between the photos.

7. “Meet Zara and her transformation from 2 to 12 months.”

8. “10 weeks vs. 10 months. He’s a big baby.”

9. 6 weeks vs 8 months

10. “Not much has changed in 2 years.”

11. “My father and my corgi: before and after 1 year.”

12. “His cute ears grew up with him.”

13. “A bit more than a year apart.”

14. “Exactly one year ago, this little monster was born and brought so many changes to my life.”

15. “My friend, you’ve manned up so much!”

16. “The story of fluffying up.”

17. “We’ve been together for 3 years.”

Do you have photos that show how your beloved pets have grown up? Share them in the comments below.

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Preview photo credit Asakavi / Pikabu
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