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17 Stories About Pets Who Surprised Their Owners With Their Developed Intellect

Pets often surprise us with their actions. Most often, the things they do are not very thoughtful, which makes the overall situations they get into quite comical. However, sometimes animals start to show off their wit and can even do creepily intelligent things that no longer make you laugh, but instead make you feel awkward that your 4-legged friend has you twisted around their little paw.

Frankly speaking, we at Bright Side were absolutely astonished by the stories from internet users who shared the very logical and sly surprises their pets pulled. That’s why we couldn’t help but share the most outstanding ones with you.

  • My cat, Tuffy, stole a piece of bread off of the stove and put it on the floor next to the cabinet. She then stared at it intensely, and motionlessly for an hour. We thought that was creepy. Then a mouse came out from behind the cabinet to get the bread and she pounced it! She was using the bread as bait! This is the same cat who routinely burns her tongue licking lightbulbs, hisses at them, and keeps licking. © darthbiscuit80 / Reddit

  • We had a dog growing up that wasn’t allowed to beg for food at the dinner table, so at dinner time he would get as close to the dinner table as possible, turn his back to it, and look over his shoulder as we all ate. © eclectique / Reddit

  • My dog has epilepsy, so he has to take a pill every morning. I broke it in half, put it in his food, and let him go at it. Checked a few minutes later and I see the bowl is completely empty except for one of the halves left in the center. I walked into the living room where he was, looked at him, and said, “Forget something?” as a joke. He looked at me, got up, went back to his bowl, and ate the pill in front of me. © enigma1235 / Reddit

  • Once, I was waiting for someone in the street. While walking around a house that had several walnut trees growing around it, I saw a crow waiting for a moving car and tossing walnuts under its wheels. But not all walnuts got under wheels. I felt sorry for the crow, went up to one of the uncracked nuts, cracked it with my foot, and moved away from it. The crow came down, ate the nut while looking at me, flew away, and returned after 5 minutes with another uncracked nut and tossed it under my feet. Eventually, I spent one hour cracking nuts for the bird. © Numida / Pikabu

  • My friend’s dog knows he’s not allowed onto one very specific carpeted area in the house and he knows never to step onto that area. How does he like to be a smartie about it? He grabs his favorite toy, casually tosses it onto said carpeted area, looks at us, and gives us the “well my toy’s there and I have to step onto the carpet to get it.” He does it so slowly and so deliberately that you know he’s being a complete foolhardy about it. © [deleted] / Reddit

  • I watched my Australian Shepherd problem solve how to get her tennis balls that get stuck under the furniture out by taking another tennis ball and rolling it to knock the stuck one out. She seemed very pleased with herself. © Oryagoagyago / Reddit

  • When I lived with my ex we got a cat that would occasionally come make pitifully adorable tiny mews outside my bedroom door when she wanted attention. One time she sounded a lot more urgent than usual. I went and opened the door and she ran off. I followed her down the stairs and she turned left into the dining room instead of right into the kitchen where her food was. She went to the middle of the floor and sat down, staring at a window. Took me a couple of seconds to realize the bird feeder usually suction cupped to the outside was missing and she was very distressed about it. I went outside and put it back on the window. When I went back in I walked back into the dining room, she looked over her shoulder at me then jumped down, ran over, rubbed against my legs for a few seconds, then went back and jumped back on the stool again waiting for birds to show up. © Seicair / Reddit

  • My brother was sitting at the table eating cake when he hears our dog barking at the front door. He gets up to check it out (usually means someone is about to ring the doorbell) and then our dog sprints back to the unsupervised cake and eats it all in one bite. I think it’s obvious that there was no one behind the door. © ILikeMapleSyrup / Reddit

  • When I was younger I lost a watch that I really loved. Around that time my cat developed a habit of using his front paws to reach under the fridge and just scramble around under there like crazy. He was seriously obsessed and did that for almost a year until one night he pulled out a tray that had been under the fridge, and on it was my watch. After that, he never touched the fridge again. He was a good boy. © dragonswithhats / Reddit

  • My cat had to take antibiotics for 10 days. They are pills. In the beginning, I was wondering why he wasn’t getting better. Turns out, he was keeping them in his cheek or under his tongue and spitting them out under the closet. So now I hold him until he swallows and then I check his mouth. © lacquerqueen / Reddit

  • Once my dad returned home from the night shift. My mother was at work and I was at school. He had breakfast, fed the cat, and went to sleep as usual. Suddenly the cat started to meow loudly. Dad didn’t react to it — she wasn’t hungry and her toilet was clean... what else could she need? But she didn’t stop, came to his room, and started to meow even louder. Eventually, my dad got up and the cat rushed to the kitchen. He followed her. Turned out, he didn’t turn off the stove completely and the whole kitchen smelled like gas. © Overheard / Vk

  • There was a time when, coming back from a trip, the balls of my feet were swollen and it hurt going up and down the stairs. My cat would actually imitate me by limping up and down the stairs (taking the steps one at a time) while meowing pitifully. I swear if he could talk, he would’ve said something like, “See, this is how funny you look.” © turtletyler / Reddit

  • I had a really bad day and was in my room crying. My cockatiel Stormageddon started screaming from his cage, so I got him out, he jumped onto my shoulder, and put his head on my cheek and started saying, “It’s ok it’s ok it’s ok” over and over again. I say that to him when he freaks out in his cage at night time (a car honks a horn outside and he starts screaming and flapping his wings) I didn’t realize he could tell I was sad and say it back to me to comfort me like I comfort him, let alone say it at all. © The-Goat-Lord / Reddit

  • My cousin had a koi fish pond and 2 dogs. One night the dogs started barking during the middle of the night really loud and urgently, and they almost never bark at anything. My cousin and her parents knew something was weird and went out to check. One of the fish somehow managed to jump out of the pond and was flopping around next to the water on the concrete, and one dog was trying to help it back in the water with his nose while the other was barking for my cousin or her parents to help. Once they watched them place the fish in the water, they went back in the kennels to sleep. They would watch the pond a lot from then on. © mangolangoon / Reddit

  • I have a Chocolate Lab and a black cat. My dog loves tennis balls. My cat doesn’t want my dog to be happy, so he sits on her tennis balls like a chicken hatching an egg. One morning I was getting ready for work and my dog is barking at my cat because he’s sitting on her tennis ball. I thought, “Alright, that’s it.” and I went to the closet, got 3 cans of tennis balls, opened them all and tossed them around the apartment. My cat seemed unmoved as my dog yelped in glee at her newly-found fortune. I left for work. When I got back home that evening I hear my dog barking in the dining room. When I get there I see all 10 tennis balls in the corner, guarded by my cat and my dog barking at him. He looked me in the eyes as if to say, “Hey ya, I win again.” © LiterallyOuttoLunch / Reddit

We are sure you’ve also seen your pets show their wittiness and make smart decisions many times. Please share your stories with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit LiterallyOuttoLunch / Reddit