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18 Sassy Pets Who Didn’t Want an Ordinary Pic and Posed for a Magazine Cover

Some pets just can’t stand the idea of being photographed and they’ll do anything to slip away from your hugs when you try to take a selfie with them. But then there are other pets — those who were born to be photo models. They enjoy showing off their fur and feathers in front of the camera, they look stunning at any moment, and they can strike most flattering poses before you can even take out your phone.

Here at Bright Side, we have no doubt that these 18 pets could easily outshine professional models at any photoshoot, and we bet you’ll agree when you see them.

1. “I just stopped rubbing her belly, and she knew that I had nothing else important to do.”

2. Do I look sassy enough?

3. Posing for a Dogue cover

4. That look, full of seduction

5. “My beautiful little Princess has finally grown out all her feathers.”

6. That gaze will get this kitty thousands of likes.

7. “Strike a pose. Now vogue!”

8. A real cat model always knows their best camera angles.

9. “Smeagol striking a pose.”

10. Now look away and pretend you see someone in the distance. Good!

11. “My cat posed. I just had to do it!”

12. Who knew French bulldogs could be that good at fashion modeling.

13. Hey girl, what are you doing tonight?

14. If a feline version of Forbes existed, this would probably be its best cover.

15. When you know you’re gorgeous and you act like a beauty queen.

16. Taking a couple of flattering pictures for a doggo dating app.

17. This kitty could advertise any volumizing shampoo.

18. Those legs just can’t go unnoticed!

Do your pets like posing for the camera? Share the best pictures of your photogenic pets in the comments!

Preview photo credit Gabrikiller6 / Reddit