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22 Animals Who Are Having a Really Bad Hair Day

When you look at most animals, you can’t help but squeal with happiness at how pure and endearing they are, and this is mostly down to their fluffiness and how simply darling they are. Unfortunately, some animals aren’t so lucky, and their bad hair do’s leave them the brunt of a very funny joke.

So we at Bright Side thought it’d be hysterical to share these terrible animal hair catastrophes. They’re bound to put a smile on your face.

1. “Susan, I thought you said a blow dry would make our hair look sleeker!”

2. “How do I look, Mom?”

3. “When your mom, who has no business cutting hair, cuts your hair.”

4. Sometimes even an adorable pup can’t rock a combover.

5. “Dude, it’s how all the guys do their hair nowadays. Trust me.”

6. This little fluffball needs a new stylist.

7. Is that a dog or a lion?

8. “What? Have I got something in my hair?”

9. “You had ONE job!”

10. “When you let your mom cut your hair and she tells you that you look like a handsome young man.”

11. “I am Sir Fluffson, and this is definitely in style right now.”

12. “Can I speak to your manager?”

13. “My mom just RUINED my dog and she literally said, ’he wanted to keep it long on the top.’ I am devastated.”

14. “Shaggy, side-swept bangs are totally in!”

15. “Vegetables are nutritious for you hair, yes?”

16. Whoever cut this horse’s hair must have had a personal vendetta...

17. “I can’t see a thing, but at least I know I look good.”

18. “Moooom, all the cool kids have it like this!”

19. “I started this job 3 days ago, and I think I might get fired.”

20. Who says you can’t be a chicken and have an afro at the same time?

21. “This was not my idea of a perm, Karen.”

22. Look at that little disappointed face. He’s judging, big time!

Which bad hair day was your favorite? Let us know and make sure to post your favorite animal hair mishaps in the comments, too!

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