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25 Bizarre Cats That Have Their Own Logic


Cats have been fierce predators for centuries. They’re naturally clever, stealthy, cunning creatures but sometimes their brains give them other ideas that no one can make sense of. Even now, our furry home babies do weird yet adorable things that not even we can understand.

Bright Side gathered several photos of utter nonsense cats get into that show just how unique they are.

1. Look at this munchkin who thinks this is how you’re meant to eat your food!

2. When you have a perfectly new bed, but just aren’t feeling it:

3. The cat flap was put there for this use but still, there might have been an easier way.

4. “This is how you use a bed, right?”

5. “I know what I’m doing here, human!”

6. Look at how this cutie drinks out of its water fountain.

7. Why bother sleeping anywhere else when this shoe is openly available?

8. “The smart way to get water...duh.”

9. “Expensive cat furniture bought with love? No, cardboard box!”

10. Hunting helpless prey...

11. “My cat Fergus also doubles as a step.”

12. “My cat looking through closed blinds for birds with 4 parakeets right behind her.”

13. This kitty obviously just wanted to turn itself to liquid.

14. “Normally she goes for sink faucets...this is new.”

15. “I’m the queen of comfort, poise, and grace.”

16. “Oh, hello. You’re home early today. I was just hanging out...”

17. “I can’t leave you alone for one second, can I?”

18. “He thinks he’s being sneaky.”

19. “You’d know how comfortable it was if you tried it yourself, trust me.”

20. “Hello. Yes, I would like to demand some attention.”

21. “This is where I come for some me time.”

22. “This is a bed, right? It’s good whatever it is.”

23. “This is my pizza now!”

24. Diet and exercise are a must for a healthy lifestyle. This kitty just likes to do her stretches whilst already eating.

25. New door frame? Nope! New cat toy!

Does any of this cat logic make sense? If you’re confused by our favorite furry babies’ antics, share the cuteness with your friends and tell us which kitty’s insane idea made you laugh the most.

Preview photo credit llsimonll / Imgur