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26 Animals That Look So Angry, They’re Cute


Animals, like humans, might have a bad day, but some animals look like they don’t have good intentions for their owners and are secretly plotting evil plans. There’s a great tradition on social media where people share photos of their animals, who really need some anger management sessions.

Bright Side made a scary, yet somehow adorable, compilation of animals that wanna do bad things to you.

1. “If you say the word diet one more time...”

2. “Put me back... NOW!”

3. “There can be no peace between us, human.”

4. “Get me outta here. I’m not gonna meow twice.”

5. “What are you lookin’ at, human? I need more food.”

6. This black rain frog has clearly had enough of you.

7. “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin...”

8. Don’t get me started with angry birds.

9. “How dare you!”

10. Monday morning traffic...

11. Don’t wanna mess with this bird.

12. “Purr purr burn...”

13. Snowball, the psycho bunny from The Secret Life of Pets

14. This bird might be secretly plotting your demise.

15. Never ever ask a turtle how old she is.

16. “Come on, Alice, down the rabbit hole...”

17. We’re 100% sure he’s plotting something.

18. When they ask you if you can move an inch so they can sit next to you.

19. Every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you...

20. This is not a look you want to see.

21. “How dare you, you ignorant doggo! This bed is MINE!”

22. When it’s time for the next scheduled vaccination:

23. “Very, very angry Shiba”

24.“My kitty will take your soul.”

25. Someone wasn’t a good boy.

26. Merlin, the angry cat, is waiting for you to get back.

Have you caught your cute pets in a moment of anger? Share your photos in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit Snilefisken / reddit