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4 Things That Speak About Your Love for Your Pet Louder Than Words

There is a company called WeLink that provides the opportunity for you to rock matching necklaces with your pets, and we think it’s the sweetest thing ever. They have a wide variety of silhouette tags, both for big or small dogs, cats, and other animals. Plus, it’s for a good cause, so we believe they are well worth your time.

Bright Side loves pets and that’s why we’re so in love with this product — and we hope that you share our enthusiasm about it.

Show off the bond with your pet.

“WeLink was born thanks to the idea of connecting and sharing kindness between all living beings.”

Each dog tag is made of stainless steel and features a detachable cut-out frame of your pet. The company creates a wide array of pet tags for big dogs, small dogs, cats, and other animals such as horses or pigs. Aside from that, each pet tag can be engraved with the owner’s name and phone number or address. Any kind of quote works too, as long as the character limit of 30 isn’t exceeded.

WeLink’s mission to save and help dogs

The sales from these awesome pendants are donated to a spay and neuter program and help provide medical care for homeless dogs, as well as food and anything else they might need. And they’ve joined efforts with Fundacion Salva in Tunja, Colombia. This way, they have managed to save countless homeless pets and have given them medical care, love, shelter, and a future with zero resources.

There are no cages at the Salva Foundation. They shelter over 110 dogs that were saved from the streets or abusive situations. In this massive dog ranch, they all have care, shelter, beds, blankets, food, medical care, love, and dignity. All its dogs are up for adoption, but those who don’t find families will forever have a home at Salva.

There are already pets rocking the tags.

We fully believe in WeLink and Salva’s missions and that’s what makes the pet tags so incredibly special.

Bonus: more things that will help you bond with your pet

A company called Friendship Collar creates matching collars for your pets and bracelets for you, so you can go on walks in style. They also have matching leashes and harnesses if you want to take things one step further.

And if you want your pet’s collar to look even better, you can also find matching charm sets so you can show off your special bond.

You can also take things up a notch with a realistic portrait tattoo!

Are you going to consider ordering one? Please share with us what breed you plan to choose!

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