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A Cat Is Winning the Internet Over With Its Bathtime Photos and Ocean Blue Eyes

Thanks to his fashion sense and mesmerizing blue eyes, 4-year-old Baron has become an Instagram celebrity. Unlike other cats, this ragdoll loves taking a bath in a tub full of toys and posing for photos that can melt you instantly.

We at Bright Side have picked some of Baron’s best photos to give our readers a great dose of cuteness. In the end, there’s a bonus video of Baron enjoying some candy.

1. It's not Maybelline, he really is born with it.

2. Looks like an anime character right here.

3. Polar bear or cat? You decide.

4. "Let's play hide and seek."

5. Give me some candy, human.

6. Totally wanna catch this Pokémon.

7. His mom clearly loves dressing him up in pink and we're here for it.

8. A very comfy ball which should be protected at all costs

9. "Bathtime is my favorite time."

10. If I fits, I sits.

11. There are galaxies in his eyes.

12. A true gentleman

13. No cat in this picture, just sharks.

14. Absolute royalty

15. A real-life winking emoji, only cuter

Bonus: Baron eats candy.

Does your cat like getting its photo taken? Share your best shots with us in the comments!

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