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Why Your Dog Follows You to the Bathroom

A dog’s love has no bounds! Even if that means following you into the bathroom. It might seem a little weird when your pet wants to watch you do your business, but it actually has a deeper meaning. And when you find out the possible reasons behind it, you’ll likely stop worrying about it so much.

Here at Bright Side, we like to get to the bottom of seemingly unexplainable things and search for explanations. So here are a few possible reasons why your pet doesn’t want to give you privacy when you need it most.

Dogs live in packs.

Dogs live in social packs and might start to feel unhappy or vulnerable when they’re suddenly left alone. They need constant interaction with others and it’s their instinct to do things with the family, like eat, play, and sleep together. So when you need a little privacy, they don’t understand it. In fact, they think they’re doing you a favor by keeping you company.

Your dog may be protecting you.

Your dog might think you won’t be able to protect yourself when it becomes necessary and he/she will want to rescue you. And when dogs hear noises behind a closed door and can’t see what’s happening there, they might become worried that their owner might be in danger.

Your dog may be afraid that they’re missing something.

Pets consider your house as their home territory as well. So when something is happening there, they’re simply curious and want to be a part of what’s going on. In addition, most dogs’ lives aren’t all that exciting and they might be bored while waiting for you to get back. Unusual activity wakes an interest in them.

Your dog leans on you.

Some dogs tend to lean more on people than others do. If they lean on you by resting their weight against your side, it`s possible they just want to be close to you, asking for more kisses and hugs, and want to feel loved and safe. So don’t rush to chase your dog away, they may just need your attention.

Your dog realizes when you’re sad.

Your dog can tell if you’re sad or not feeling well. They’re really intuitive and can detect your emotions from body language and smell. When they realize there’s something wrong with you, they usually will try to comfort you as best as they can and guard you.

Do you mind having guests in the bathroom or do you distract your pets so that you can have some privacy? We’d be happy to read your comments in the section below!

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