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10+ Photos That Will Warm You Up on a Gloomy Day

Photos can boost our happiness in several ways, so it’s no wonder we go looking for feel-good pics online. Luckily, the internet is always here with fluffy pictures of animals, kids, and people being rays of sunshine.

We at Bright Side put together a collection of lovely content that’ll have you feeling all fuzzy and smooth on the inside.

1. “Today it was freezing when we went for a walk, so my wife dressed our 3-month-old son.”

2. “My husband and his husband”

3. “Here’s a picture of my turtle looking happy in its new pond.”

4. “My potato pup tried to taste the rainbow today”

5. “My best pal is old enough to drive!”

6. “A Pine Siskin from Colorado showing off its beautiful wings”

7. “My baby has been smiling for a while, but today he laughed for the first time.”

8. “Little man trying out his custom saddle”

9. “This is Peanut, peanutting. If you need anything peanutted, Peanut is super ready.”

10. “Our backyard foxes had a litter.”

11. “My daughter having a meeting with her goat friends”

12. “Took a photo of my girl’s first time at the beach and feeling sand. She didn’t want to leave.”

13. “On my walk to the grocery store this afternoon”

What do you do when you need to lift your mood? Is there a person that makes you feel better in tough times? Tag them below and let them know they’re loved!

Preview photo credit KochamJescKisiel/ Reddit
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