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13 Times Mother Nature Needed Censoring for Letting Our Imagination Run Wild

As humans, we tend to seek out patterns in things. Most of us have laid back on lazy summer afternoons, looking for shapes in the sky. This is the reason why we can see bunnies or dragons in the clouds. Or naughty outlines in trees and leaves. Scientifically, it’s called pareidolia.

Bright Side found some of these patterns in nature and they prove that Mother Nature clearly has a naughty side.

1. “My daughter and I planted this tree 32 years ago. We named it Trevor.”

2. “Big butt mushroom”

3. “There’s a tree knot in my yard that I thought looked like a Regency-era couple, so I brought them to life.”

4. Mother Nature inside a flower.

5. A very shapely tree

6. “A walking tree” that has places to go

7. “This weird tree I came across today looks like a lion’s face.”

8. These are some naughty mushrooms.

9. This peach is not impressed.

10. Leaning in for some affection.

11. “My friend found this on Google Earth. This is in Antarctica.”

12. These berries are a little too anatomically correct.

13. Trees need some love too.

Have you also come across humorous sights like these from Mother Nature? What did you see last that caused you to break out in giggles?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

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