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15 Cuddly Photos That Can Make You Feel Cozy and Warm

Looking at cute images unexpectedly may offer specific benefits for our well-being. For one, looking at pictures of animals online can make you feel less distressed and more happy and relaxed. But the cuteness doesn’t stop here — viewing adorable pics of puppies and kittens can also make us more productive by narrowing our focus. This leads us to believe that viewing sweet photos online is not a waste of time, but an incredible tool to improve our lives overall.

We at Bright Side care about our readers, which is why we made a list of such photos that are sure to make you more happy and productive.

1. ’’My nephew fell asleep holding a puppy.’’

2. “My cat has emerged from my weighted blanket and doesn’t know who or where she is.”

3. “This is my little brother, George. *Oink! Oink!*”

4. “Having a baby brother is the best thing that’s ever happened to her.”

5. “Barely 7 a.m. and I wake up to this HANGRY guy screaming on my porch! Guess I have a cat now.”

6. ’’My brother is special needs and 17. This year, he drew his first picture. My mother did something pretty special with it.’’

7. “My son dressed as Woody...with Woody!”

8. “When my daughter’s rat is nervous, he holds her hand for comfort.”

9. “Hugging while sleeping”

10. The cutest cow you’ve ever seen

11. “I went to the zoo today and saw a beautiful baby leopard with ice blue eyes.”

12. “The cutest neighbors I could ever dream about”

13. “Cadence gave us a cheeky grin today.”

14. “I booped a deer.”

15. The little guy is enjoying his lunch in the garden.

Which pic did you gush at the most? Share your own cute photos with us!

Preview photo credit atodaso / Reddit
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