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15 Girls Who Prove Humor Is the Real Beauty

There are so many polished photos on Instagram, it seems like everyone has come straight out of glossy magazines, and even their morning selfies look flawless. These 15 girls below, however, bravely showed their true selves. They didn’t care about fancy angles or lightning. All they wanted to do was have some fun. After all, humor, dear friends, can make you far more attractive than any makeup can.

1. “Oh, god, what have I created?”

2. “Would you like to get a hot dog together sometime?”

3. “From sweetheart to old, wrinkly grandma”

4. “Considering shaving my head to achieve more of an egg look.”

5. “Please don’t unfollow me for this.”

6. “2 very different versions of lying down for a little nap”

7. “The second pic looks like the beginning scene of Men in Black.”

8. “Shape shifting is one of the many skills I have listed on my resume.”

9. “Me when I take that cringe selfie vs me when I see that cringe selfie”

10. “One of my favorite ones yet”

11. “Smile more.”

12. “I just couldn’t stay away.”

13. “Just in time for spooky season”

14. “When the tea hits just right”

15. ’"No makeup’ makeup vs actual no makeup"

How often do you take selfies? How much time does it take to get a selfie you’re satisfied with?

Preview photo credit PunkinGuts / Reddit
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