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15 People Who Arrived at Their Rental Homes Only to Receive a Massive Disappointment

In 2022, tourism doubled compared to 2021, which means that many people had to book accommodations. And while hotels are always there and ready to host people, many of us choose other platforms to book rooms from. Maybe it’s because they are cheaper and make holidays feel like you’re at home away from home. However, these places sometimes can have many negatives that are not easy to resolve.

1. “I went on a trip and our host didn’t tell us until we landed that the pool was unusable. The A/C in 80% of the house was broken too.”

2. “Perfect ad placement”

3. “$500 per week excluding expenses, close to shops”

4. “Our room with a surprise waiting for us”

5. “Booked a room and arrived to this unit. We had to book a hotel that was more than 2 times the price of the rental.”

6. “I reserved a room with a sea view. Can’t complain.”

7. “Turns out my rental in Hawaii was infested with roaches. Customer service deemed it as a ’minor issue.’”

8. “This moldy shower curtain at a prohibitive rental near the beach — the bathroom has pink stuff on the walls too.”

9. “My room had mushrooms growing in the bathroom.”

10. “The place we rented for spring break and also paid extra for deep cleaning”

11. “This TV at the rental I’m staying at”

12. “Our rental after rain”

13. “This was the condition of the apartment when we arrived. Dirty dishes in the sink, even some old food.”

14. Perfectionism is pretty clear.

15. “Just a couple broken things from my last rental”

Have you ever had a massively disappointing experience renting a room through a website? If so, what was so bad about your accommodation?

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