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15 People Who Could Pass a Lie Detector Test Without Any Effort

Sometimes it seems that the world around us is hopeless and that people around us are selfish and angry. Luckily, small acts of kindness tend to take place in “dark times,” which are sometimes hard to notice in the chaos of life. Let’s say a car driver who accidentally scratched the bumper of a different car leaves a note with apologies and his phone number, or someone returns a piece of jewelry that had been missing for many years. These moments help us believe that not everything is lost.

Bright Side put together a compilation of cases where people who were driven by kindness and consciousness acted the way they were supposed to. At the end of the article, there is a bonus — the story about an understanding taxi driver and an honest passenger.

These acts remind us how important kindness is.

The boss with a big heart

“Shout out to my neighbors being bros”

“I would do the same”

“It was in the evening and I was going home when I saw a piece of paper in a plastic bag lying under the windshield wipers. At first, I thought it was an advertisement booklet left by solicitors. When I picked it up I saw the message on the opposite side.”

Supervisors like this motivate us to do our best.

“Seen at my favorite cafe in NYC.”

" I took a bottle of water and a bit of candy. It’s people like them that make the job enjoyable."

There is always someone who will restore justice.

“I’m a janitor in an office — I found this on a closed floor and it made me smile.”

“My wife lost this ring in 1999. This morning some people on Facebook tracked her down and asked if this was her ring, it is hers. The man gave it back to her just now. She is so happy.”

Luckily, there are those who care about their reputation.

“A friend sent me these photos. The story ended with the guy giving him money not only for replacing glass, but also for his time.”

Honesty is in the little details.

“We decided to conduct an experiment and opened a no-seller counter. We spent about $5 buying all the stuff. At the end of the day, there were a couple of goods left and our cashbox had $9 in it. We restored our faith that not everything is lost.”

Translation: “Cashbox” written on the bottle and “Workshop” written on the stand

“Thank you, Tom, for your honesty.”

Bonus: Not all taxi drivers only think about their profit.

  • I work in the countryside. Once I was late to work and called a taxi. When we arrived, I gave $10 to the driver, but the driver said he had no change because he had used all of his coins at the gas station. Transferring the money to a card was not possible either because I didn’t have a smartphone. While I was trying to think about how to resolve the situation, he said:
    — Go, otherwise, you’ll be late for work — no need to pay. I don’t have the change, you don’t have any other money, and you need to go to work. I won’t get poorer — you can give this money to me sometime in the future.
    — Let me write down your phone number — I’ll top up your phone after work.
    He gave me the number, we said goodbye, and I went to work in a good mood and with my faith in people restored. Once I got off, I transferred the $7 I owed him. © Artaniel / Pikabu

Has it ever happened to you that a stranger restored your faith in humanity?

Preview photo credit Artaniel / Pikabu, depositphotos
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