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15 Times an Ordinary Day Turned Into an Adventure

Scientists found out that people who experience powerful surprises in their lives are healthier. Well, if that’s the case, get ready because these photos are going to give you an energy boost and lift your mood.

Bright Side wants to present you with 15 people that were having an absolutely ordinary day until the universe decided otherwise and threw them a curveball.

1. “This potato I’m cooking with has a face.”

2. “Found my cat lying in my cat-shaped light that fell.”

3. “Flowers on a wall that look like a gradient.”

4. “Black-eyed Susan with an interesting mutation”

5. “Our dog found a pacifier.”

6. “This little free library matches its house.”

7. “Got a chicken nugget that looked like a dragon.”

8. “This fish was frozen in a piece of ice.”

9. “This egg that my hen laid”

10. “Found Die Hard in a grocery store today.”

11. “This bush that looks like Pikachu”

12. “A dusty construction worker’s t-shirt left a dust skull in this restaurant booth.”

13. “Found a whole potato in my sour cream and onion chip bag.”

14. “My Venus flytrap grew a flower. They grow them far away from the traps to avoid eating the insects that pollinate them.”

15. “The pattern on my breakfast watermelon.”

Have you seen something this week that has left you in awe? Drop a comment and let us know.

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