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15+ People Who Made Us Go, “Oh No, Not Like That!”

Our weirdness can make us stand out from the rest, and we should be proud of it at all times. But, sometimes, people’s ways of doing things can be a little bit too weird. We’re not here to judge, of course, but seeing how some rebels eat their bananas or do the dishes made us asks ourselves, “Why?”

Bright Side wanted to show you a few different ways of doing ordinary things so you can use them for inspiration on “how-to” or “how not to do” things. It’s up to you.

1. “My wife cuts bananas in half and just leaves the tops.”

2. “Instead of rinsing his cup between drinks, my boyfriend will just refill it with whatever since it ’mixes in his stomach anyway.’ This is his glass of ’water’ after milk and Oreos.”

3. “My brother does the dishes and watches YouTube at the same time (his phone is not waterproof).”

4. “Looks like someone decided to clean a mirror with a steel sponge or something before I moved in.”

5. “Someone keeps using my bike as a trash bin.”

6. “Was at a friend’s house and this abomination caught my eye.”

7. “This kid took a SINGLE bite out of ALL the apples.”

8. “Someone drew with a marker on the wall of an almost 600-year-old castle to promote their Instagram and Snapchat account.”

9. “My roommate broke the toilet seat. No worries though, he replaced it.”

10. “This is how my wife loads the dishwasher.”

11. “My neighbors just throw trash out of their window.”

12. “My mom made this medium-rare sour bread.”

13. “My in-laws use a little off every single roll of toilet paper instead of one at a time.”

14. “Coworkers do this to my dry erase markers.”

15. “How my dad cuts the cake”

16. “My roommate throws away dishes so he won’t have to do them (I bought all our dishes and silverware).”

17. “My research supervisor’s way of writing ’D’ on tubes”

Do you have a friend that does things in a different, strange way? How do you prefer to eat your bananas?

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