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15 People Who Pulled Themselves Together and Turned Their Lives Around

Life can be tough and it’s impossible not to feel sad, get sick, or get your heart broken once or twice. But the way in which we deal with these situations can dictate how we overcome these challenges in our lives. The secret is to try to make smart, life-changing decisions such as losing tons of weight, quitting a job that you hate, or just cleaning the clutter in your home.

These people that Bright Side selected have successfully managed to overcome obstacles, turn their lives around, and make major transformations. Keep scrolling and see it for yourself.

1. There’s nothing better than a shiny, clean kitchen to start a change in your life.

2. Before and after 1 year of a lifestyle change

3. “4.5 years ago, I quit my stressful desk job and now I make glow-in-the-dark art like this full-time!”

4. “I’ve been very depressed lately but today, I went out and bought flowering plants. I think I had the best day in a long time.”

5. “Eating healthy is actually fun. My breakfast used to come through a drive-through window.”

6. Small steps, like cleaning out drawers, can be a big change in someone’s life.

7. “Had a mini heart attack followed by breathing problems and I realized I had to make a change.”

8. “It’s been one year since I left him.”

9. “Cleaning my bedroom to make room for new, better days”

10. He broke up with his girlfriend, got his hair cut, and is now feeling like a new person.

11. “Through thick and thin! Together, my wife and I have lost 315 lb.”

12. When his daughter turned 1, he promised to change his life and quit his bad habits. And he did.

13. “I folded my clothes and have a dresser for the first time in 4 years since you died, Mom. I know this is small but it feels like I’m finally overcoming an emotional hurdle.”

14. “Today, I won my 12-year battle with homelessness. I finally have a place to call home.”

15. “This is my dad, the artist. When he was going through a midlife crisis after a rough year and a divorce, he decided to switch things up with his painting style. I love it.”

Now it’s your turn — what major obstacles have you overcome in your life? Share your stories with us!

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