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15+ People Who Put Their Heart Into Saving Things and Aren’t Going to Stop

There are people who know the topic of saving money inside out. They carry brewed coffee in a thermos, take homemade food with them, and use public transport to spend less on fuel. But the approach “many a little makes a mickle” can sometimes transform into a real passion, that can make a person do crazy things.

Bright Side read some users’ stories who have a very creative approach to saving money.

“I decided to present my father with a set of tools, but I didn’t want to bother myself with the packaging. So what? Everything will come in handy.”

“I always cut sponges in half so they last longer.”

“My wife’s grandmother and her friend have been saving money on birthday cards and just resending the same ones to each other.”

“I broke up with my girlfriend, because she tried to throw this away.”

Here’s a life hack on how to get free grapes.

“My father pours his collection of free shower gels from hotel rooms into our container at home.”

“I have allergies and I wanted to buy an air purifier, but I saw something on the internet that said you can use a filter and a fan instead. Well, I cross my fingers it’ll work.”

“54 years ago my grandfather ‘repaired’ this toilet paper holder by sticking a pencil into it.”

What “use to the last drop” looks like.

“My husband thinks that I’m crazy because every time we celebrate a birthday, the first thing I do is take off all the paper from the presents to later use it to give a present to somebody else.”

“I really wanted a backpack vacuum cleaner, but the prices were very high. Fortunately, I already had this fella and a skein of rope.”

“Since the shipping cost of tires seemed too high for my parents, they decided to carry it like carry-on baggage and saved $110.”

“I spent 4 hours sorting out my father’s collection after learning that coins that were released before 1965 could contain silver. Bottom line: I found 2 silver coins, earned $3, spent 5 hours of my life.”

“The car dealer wanted $600 to replace the climate control panel, but here’s my solution for $10.”

“The seller saved money by shipping a package in this box. It was a clever reusable idea, and the size is perfect.”

“People pay for a gym membership, and I work out by cleaning up all the garbage in my area.”

When all means ALL:

“Unless you answer ‘YES’ to all of these... Do not turn on the heat!

— Are you wearing a hoodie, pants, socks?
— Is it November?
— Do you pay the gas bill?”

“I’m a spender, so I found a way to deal with this problem and froze my credit card in the freezer.”

Do you know people who are ready to do anything to save a little money?

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